Friday, May 30, 2008

Racist!! Racist!! Racist!!

While I do not wish to further comment nor argue with these empty vessels on their rights, I just would like to put to record as to what they are saying about the PSD's scholarship which the government recently highlighted that 45% was given to Non-Malays while 55% are for Malays.

These two Malay organizations, namely ABIM as well as PKIPM (Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia) came out frothing in their mouth claiming that non-Malays has no right in asking for scholarships as it was their birthright to receive them. Birthright as enshrined in Hak Istimewa in the constitution. GAWD! Such statements.... well dont take my word for it. Read them.... have a good laugh. What else is covered by Hak Istimewa? Are you telling me that if that student is as stupid as a buffalo (no intention to belittle a buffalo's intelligence here) he should also be given the scholarship just because of the Hak Istimewa?

To me, its just this, 45% allocated for the non-Malays and yet there are so many who seem to have great results but still deprieved off scholarships while there are no news of deserving Malays without a scholarship. Does that tell you anything?

Anyway to ABIM and PKIPM, scholarships is best given to people who can make good use of it and come back to help develop and propel the nation forward. In other words, deserving students, its not a matter of Malays... and by the way, you forgot one thing, on the birthright thinggy... it belongs to the BUMIPUTRAS not UMNOputras.

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