Thursday, May 29, 2008

Down came the wall of Cheras

The Grand Saga wall of shame came down for third time after residents under the "watchful" eye of the police tore down the 5 foot wall at 7.30pm last night. Here.

News of police and FRU brutality was splashed all over the net media last night after Malaysiakini carried reports of a 21 year old being brutally savaged by 20+ FRU officers while an Utusan reporter was also beaten up while taking pictures of the horror that unfolds.

Tan Sri Khalid, MB of Selangor, kudos to you for such swift action! I really wonder what it would have been like under the "Mat Hensum" Khir Toyo.


Teo Nie Ching, MP Serdang, DAP raised the matter in Parliament for discussion but was REJECTED by the speaker citing NOT URGENT MATTER. It seems that the term, Not Urgent Matter is a trendy phrase by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker these days.... or is it the only phrase they know?

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