Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daddy's Day Out!

Well, its now becoming more frequent with wifey now out to Macau since Monday, daddy has been having a whale of a time with the kids.

Monday was breakfast as usual, then the movies, then the pool, then the park... then the arcade! Yeah! Thats where the boys like to be! And that is where daddy loves them to be while I spend some time reading some magazines.

Wasnt much fun though as we need to sleep early for school and work the next day but it was a whale of a fun. But its mommy's turn to sit the kids next week as I will be out of town for some work. It would be tiring indeed but so far we are coping well with the boys.

Gonna put the boys to sleep early tonight as daddy intends to sneak out with the "Other Boys" for a wee morning out to watch the finals of Champions League between Daddy's long time love Manchester United against the most despicable Chelsea. Would love to see the constant blur face of Avram Grant sobbing and say, "I am not the special one.. boooo hoooo hoooo hooo..."


cili said...

so sad i tot your 1st, eh 2nd eheh 3rd eheheh 4th love ehehehehe .... ahem yes i tot your 4th love is moi .... sob sob sob

Anonymous said...

u are my FIRST... ermmm... :)