Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mukhriz defying Dad?

This may pan out to favour AAB as Musa Hitam says it, "The thorn is now out of the flesh." In his obvious reference to Dr. M's resignation from UMNO yesterday. Though many thought Mukhriz may do the same but in my discussion with one of my friends yesterday evening, I was of the opinion that Mukhriz will not resign and true enough he is not resigning.

That may be a spanner really as Dr. M would have manage to coax those who are not happy to resign thus dilute the voice of resentment in UMNO, so where will Mukhriz stand? Nazri today was quoted in The Sun as saying, "The party did not want Mukhriz to feel bad over his father's decision." when asked why he is missing from the UMNO MPs meeting yesterday that pledged boldly in most newspapers UMNO MPs back Abdullah.

Mukhriz later went on record to say that he is staying put to fight and bring change from within. Huh? Politicians these days, getting hung on cliche of heroism and idealism. Change from within... huh? Who is he trying to kid?

Anyway, me think, Dr. M may have dented his son's hopes of leading the Youth wing.

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