Friday, May 16, 2008

VK Lingam Got Korek-ed!

With the cabinet deciding to make the report public and whereby Zaid revealed that the Commission has recommended that former PM, Dr. Mahathir to be investigated comes not much of a shock, despite the fact that the PM said that the decision will be made on Friday although the report has been submitted to the king much earlier.

Not surprising perhaps because the people implicated in the shocking video revealed by Anwar Ibrahim did not implicate Abdullah. The damage was more on the former PM and what a pleasure it would have given Abdullah to have the report made public and take the heat off his back for a while, while the court of public opinion grill the former PM. Eh?

With the spotlight now shifted to the former PM, Abdullah can breathe a sigh of relief much more so when his deputy is embroiled in Mogolian murder trial as well as the National Service debacles, Abdullah can certainly now shift his focus on some pain in the neck that would not go away. Razaleigh for example or maybe Muhyiddin.

That takes care of troubles in UMNO while his faithful son in law takes care of the Parliament as he turns the Parliament into his playground. Making unwanted remarks as well as causing an uproar when he played puppet master to Amirsham.... The opposition should know better than to play into his hands.

Its perfect for Abdullah really. He can at last return to his favourite past time... zzzzzzZZZZZZ.

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