Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Hoard of Issues

Came back from what was indeed a good break and many shocks too.

Arrived at Langkawi only to find out that Nargisa has hit Myanmar and to a certain extent the weather in Langkawi was affected. Sigh... but I guess that was not all. The issue of rice shortage is definitely high on the list of what went wrong in Malaysia of late.

There were certainly many plots of paddy fields in Langkawi and why was I not surprised that we are short of rice? The fields there are all overgrown with lallang. A sign that it has not been attended to for some time. But also on it you see construction that is on-going. Ahh... the farmers must have hit jackpot and are building their own lavish abode on their land. Much as I would like to believe our PM that we are 70% self sufficient, I really wonder if that is the case. Or was what I heard from Bernas not too long ago about the malady affecting our farmers who are more keen to sell their fertilizers and seedlings for easy money has caused the country to suffer the consequence of rapidly rising prices? Or are the millers hoarding the rice for better price?

Besides that, there is the nagging issue of National Service which claimed another innocent life. That is indeed sad and what makes it worse is that the authority are washing their hands clean off the issue. The bottom line is, IF they cannot ensure safety and well being of the participants, they should just scrape the whole thing altogether. I am sure many parents as I are as concerned to entrust the life of our precious young into hands of the irresponsible.

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