Thursday, May 29, 2008

Foreign Cars! Get your Tow Trucks READY!


Okay.. okay... I was pulling your leg. Apparently foreign cars will be denied buying fuel at subsidized rates. I wonder how they are going to control these petrol pumps from NOT SELLING to foreign cars?

"Last Monday, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said foreign-registered vehicles from Singapore and Thailand would not be allowed to buy petrol or diesel within 50km of the Malaysian borders from tomorrow."

Tow truck operators! This is your golden chance!

"Today, Foreign-registered vehicles, mainly from Singapore and Thailand, are likely to be denied purchase of subsidised petrol and diesel anywhere in the country under a decision to be made at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow."

Hey Singapore!! We have a way to make you flers pay for Pedra Branca! Watch while we fill our inefficient Protons with cheap petrol while you and your fancy cars fill up with unsubisdized ones... hahahaha!

Trust our Government to come up with policies and measures that are rational and beneficial... Sigh...

Make it a tad easier, all petrol stations in Malaysia now accepts credit card and cash. To pump subsidized petrol one would need to swipe his/her mykard. And details in mykard would be his/her quota for the month. Example 50 litres and it will be stored and purge at the end of the month. A tad simple but I think its workable. Any amount above 50 litres, he/she pays market price!

This above all else ensures subsidy going to every Malaysian.

This also ensures the rich that drives big cars will pay more at market price.

This also ensures that Malaysians who DO NOT DRIVE or RIDE a BIKE gets to sell his quota for some money to help make ends meet!

Think my idea is stupid? Killing 3 birds with one stone? Think again.

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cili said...

Babe, I love your idea.

However, on business point of view ..... NO PLEASE!

As it's prices already hike up sky high, how are we small business ppl will survive. Customers are asking for lower price cos budget cut, workers are asking for increment as they can't survive with them current salary.

Have mercy please!