Friday, May 23, 2008

The Indelible Stain that Wont Go Away

In my take on the indelible ink revelation by Rashid the other day, this stain just would not go away just yet. Since this extraordinary revelation that the cabinet told Rashid to cancel the use of it because they had "intel" report that some flers actually manage to smuggle in similar inks to cause chaos in the recently concluded GE. While the police (IGP) was swift in his investigation, the use of the ink was withdrawn 4 days before the election. Poor Rashid it seems then has to take full responsibility for the fiasco. Recently he came out to say that the Cabinet on the day of dissolution instructed him to do so and be the sacrificial lamb for it.

The Government has since reiterated that it was just an "advice". I wonder in what tone was the advise given.

Yesterday, Nazri the Balachi turns the screw tighter on the fact that there was NO directive from the cabinet. He said "“We did not issue an order. I can assure you, we did not order it. I would not lie.”

So he did not lie? He would not lie? He dare not lie?

He went on to say "Nazri also said that the eventual scrapping of the indelible ink four days before the general elections was among the reasons Barisan Nasional lost many votes due to the perception that it was seeking to win through illegal means."

Err... so? The EC is actually collaborating with Pakatan to ensure BN loses more votes than they did? Is that the line of argument now, dear Nazri?

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