Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fuel Ban Chaos!

Initially it was to ban foreign vehicles from pumping fuel within 50km from the border, well its all good to stop these flers from sneaking across the border for some cheap fuel, then again, think about the framework on how this is to be implemented?

How can the goverment decide on one thing without giving out a framework how it will be implemented??? How do you control or ensure that foreign vehicles would not be entitled to buy fuel??? How Sharir?? HOW??

But, all that was good when they deferred the decision... or was it? Malaysiakini reported the decision was put off due to "The absence of several relevant Ministers......" Question, why for such an important money saving decision did so many Ministers refuse to turn up??

Wait! They claim that, "A few ministers also requested the discussions to be postponed as they have a few proposals to include subsidies for cooking oil"!

Hello.... fuel subsidies is 54billion!!! I think if you can address the issue of fuel subsidies, cooking oil and rice and whatever else could come in place much later would it not??? Please settle the 54billion issue first! I wonder what strategies you are going to put forth to ensure that the fuel subsidies are going to the "right" parties. I really wonder too... why on such important matters you are delaying on making your decision.

When you could not solve 1 issue, you want to tie another 3-4 issues to that issue.... you ministers are really peanut brain la..... unless, you have something to gain from prolonging the subsidy?

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