Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rashit taking directives from Ghosts?


EC chief: Cabinet disapproved of indelible ink
May 17, 08 12:48pm
Election Commission chairperson Rashid Abdul Rahman said the cabinet did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election.

MCPX“I was told that I was to take the responsibility for agreeing to it. It's not easy being EC chairperson. I took the whole rap over the year,” Rashid told reporters after a function today. Rashid’s comments further fueled speculations that the decision to scrap the use of indelible ink was a executive decision in light of whimsy excuses for the last minute U-turn in using the ink. Last year, the EC had agreed to use the ink in the 12th General Election to put to rest claims of multiple voting. The plan was cancelled five days before the March 8 polling day.A princely sum of RM2.4 million for about 48,000 bottles of the ink was bought from India, but Rashid had to call off the move on claims, that were never substantiated, that elements of sabotage had been detected by the police.

Gosh... so is Rashit saying the EC is not independent and that he is the lapdog of BN all these while?

By the way how can the CABINET be involved? Was there a cabinet present after the dissolution of Parliament? How can Rashit take orders from something that did not exist anymore? Wreaks more smell of shit than anything else.


Further news on Malaysiakini stated that the decision was made on the day the Parliament was dissolved, but, the decision was announced only 4 days before polling... err.. to a Joe like me, it makes no freaking difference right? The Cabinet was inexistent already.

While PM trying to deflect the bombshell that Rashid delivers, he said that the decision to drop the use of indellible ink by the cabinet was merely a suggestion! Wow... tell me during the last administration, when was there any suggestions coming out from the cabinet or UMNO for that matter? Come on Abdullah, you screwed up and while Rashid realized that he has to take shit so much that people changed his name to sound alike and now he wanted to somehow come clean to tell the nation and you come out with such feeble excuses?

On other matters, Abdullah please do something about the VK Lingam case.... putting Gani to investigate is like throwing salt into the ocean while the old man is challenging your balls... show him you still have it.

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