Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The frogs have mated?

With the intensity growing, I believe the frogging season is nigh. From mainstream media to the blogosphere and Malaysiakini, many are indicating that the time is ripe for the frogmen to don their frogsuit and start hopping.

Though in much earlier days, there were optimistic news of hopping from BN to PR, now there are news surfacing that in Perak, they just intend to do otherwise! HERE and HERE and HERE.

But, should the negative flow negate the positive flow, would it not?

Nevertheless, I wait with baited breath. In my opinion, the current government is still arrogant regardless of the "reforms" that they have started, many seem to have fizzled out and no concrete results arising from it. Judical Commission for example will only come under a Parliament committee according to former de-facto Law Minister. While the investigation into BALKIS and Bunga Tanjung have since fallen off the radar and if Abdullah sincerely believes in Freedom of information, he would have made the Lingam Report public without any hesitation. Death after death in NS has not deterred the government from calling for a full review of the entire program at all, while many Malaysians would perceive their desire to continue with NS is only to enrich their cronies who will have much to lose should the program be scrapped. So with all this in mind, MalaysianJoe thinks, its best to have a new government and let the old one sort themselves out... if ever they can sort themselves out without imploding.

Let us write a new chapter in our history and may it be a start of something new and good for the people and nation.

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cili said...

thank God you are back .... at least now I'll gain back my breakfast appetite 'grins'