Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mahathir - Genius or Desperado?

When the Lingam report came out, he came out with guns blazing challenging the government to take him to court.

According to him, "I want them to charge me in court. Only then will I have the opportunity to expose more conflicts faced by the judges, including those who have implicated me." He in fact welcomed the idea!

What I cant stand about this old man is, in 22 years he screwed the country proper, from the judiciary to the newspapers now he seems to have something more to say about things that ail the judiciary. Wasnt he involved in the cancer that is spreading?

On top of that, he began fanning the racial dischord. Why? Is he desperate? Is he trying to get back to the grassroot that was the bedrock of his powerbase for the last 30 years or so? Why now? Is he a genius in going back to his grassroots or is he merely desperate to deflect the glare of Lingam-gate? Will he live through to see his name drown in infamy? Will he succeed? Will the people fall for his talk again?

But, I think Mahathir has something going for him. Abdul Gani Patail! Trust a prick to do a man's job! Mahathir and the famous 5 of Lingam-gate will probably walk free.

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