Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ever Changing Lifestyle....

Or is it? Now the King has also joined the bandwagon calling for the people to change their lifestyle.

Sigh... is there an end to all these charades by those who uses the subsidies more than others?

Would the King now move around without having a horde of outriders? Lead by example they say? King should love its subjects?

And our dear PM still has the gall to tell its people...

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he hoped the people would obtain the correct information on the global fuel price increase phenomenon so they could understand what the country was facing.

Hey PM, we got our information right. We are ONE of the cheapest in the region, but amongst net producer of oil, we are THE MOST EXPENSIVE.

PM, our cars are also amongst the MOST expensive in the world... our toll is cheaper than Japan! Our democracy is more alive than in Myanmar! Our nation's income is actually much higher than those in Africa. Our public transportation is amongst the best too if you compare it with some countries in Africa. Yes, PM we have our facts right.

I think I have said my piece on fuel subsidy and I promised not to say anymore besides what have already been said. I am disheartened that the government has not the will to go the distance in addressing the subsidy issue and they have indeed lost the plot.

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cili said...

yalor i almost choke on my tau foo fa when i read that line on newspaper.