Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pump @ Market Price in August?

Malaysians! Be aware! More subsidy money is going to be diverted into Other People's Pocket if we do not scrutinize the framework that will be put in place from now till August.

Sharir told the press that the PM will announce on "indication" where we are going in terms of fuel subsidy.

OMG! What is Sharir trying to tell us? They have no idea?? Why must it be just an INDICATION and not the first roll out of the framework?

Shahrir further said that the details and implementation method of the new subsidy scheme would be thrashed out by August, when the full plan is scheduled to be in place.

Err... are you not going to table this for full discussion in the Dewan? Don't the people have a right to know what the hell you are going to do from now till August???

Shahrir said the new subsidies would be a needs-based system, rather than the current arrangement which lowers the cost of petrol for all users no matter what their income.

I mean, fair enough if you have a plan. Table it! So, if your focus is on the lower incom-mers. What about we middle incommers who are starving today to make ends meet? Never mind the rich, majority of Malaysians will suffer!

I do not mind taking away the fuel subsidy in total... I do not mind taking away all subsidies in TOTAL. BUT

Please also take away the high taxes of foreign cars so that ALL Malaysians can benefit buying safer and more fuel efficient cars available today.

Please also provide higher child allowance (for the first 2-3 kids, we do not want to finance the entire football team, would we?) as well as personal allowance in income tax.

Please for God's sake Please improve your public transportation system throughout Malaysia. Its a SHAM really when the BN government promised IMPROVED public transportation the last time they increased pump price saying that they will save 4billion. Now, where did it go? All I see are a few RapidKL buses on the road.

You are saving 56billion from this exercise. How are you going to give them back to Malaysians?

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Bravo bambino, well said 'kiss kiss'