Saturday, June 21, 2008

Judicial Reforms? Part 2

On April 21st, fresh from their electoral drubbing BN received at the hands of the opposition (where they lost 2/3 Parliament majority), PM Abdullah told Malaysians, "We hear you loud and clear. Ironically two days ago on April 17th, PM in a dinner announced gratuity payments to the judges who were sacked by Dr. M. All these can be found with links in my April 21st blog entry. Back then I did say that all those was the PM's greatest Public Relations stunt. I think I am vindicated.

Yesterday, horrors of horrors. The Star carries this story.... Here.

Titled Judicial Reforms Put on Hold!!!

May have turned my stomach on a Saturday morning but as I read it, my belief was proven. Zaid went on record to say the following in chronological order:

1. “Some people agree. Some people do not agree”

(Now as the de-facto law Minister who claimed that the PM is serious about reforming the judiciary would want to bow down to "some" people? Isnt the PM's word strong enough? Who are the "some" people?

2. “I just need to convince other parties who are equally as powerful as I.”

Zaid, you have the power and some parties are as equally powerful as you? I thought if there were to be any debate it has to be in the Parliament. No? Seriously, I wonder who are these "Powerful" people.

3. “But I am committed to these reforms. I will persuade the A-G, the PM?everybody. These two principles are sacrosanct and fundamental." And if we want to do justice to the country, we will do it.”

AHA! So the people who "do not agree" and are as "powerful" if not more are the AG and the PM? I thought the PM gave you the authority... no? AG is just as "powerful" if not more?

All the above beats this statement which actually tells you that Zaid is just as frustrated....

4. Asked whether Abdullah was committed to implementing both proposals, Zaid said: “I believe so. But you have to ask him. I cannot speak for the Prime Minister.”

So who is the "people who do not agree" and who is more powerful that has to be appease before the Judicial Appointments Committee as well as the reform of Article 121 can be carried out? Without naming names, I think Zaid has told us who is the culprit behind the whole sandiwara on April 17.

Thats the way I see it.... do you?

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