Thursday, June 19, 2008


With the departure of Rafidah Aziz and the demise of Naza Motor owners and in comes the new International Trade and Industry Minister, Muhyiddin who announced that APs are here to stay.. now give birth to the new AP King... Datuk Shahrin Zahari, 28 years old. He has been given 1200 APs to import Hybrid cars for sale in Malaysia... Now.. Aint that a novel way to make easy money?

PhotobucketNow it makes me wonder... a Datuk at 28? Now what has he done to receive such a "distinguished" accolade?

I wont speak another word... read this in RPKs Malaysia Today for the take.

Apparently, Mofaz Group is making a comeback through Datuk Shahrin?

MalaysianJoe thinks this is just DISGUSTING! Probably another success story of true NEP at work? STINKS!!!!

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