Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend of Shocks?

Well, at least the headlines suggest that with Anwar being reported for sodomy.... again??? Which again he denies... And indeed it was news... yeah.. right... Ong Ka Ting will not seek re-election. I wonder what sort of integrity is there left for him to seek re-election.. its time for him to bow out quietly and take responsibility for MCA's historical thrashing at the 12 General Election.

Indeed I was away for the more exciting part of the week... sigh... in the wilderness without internet connection...

Anyway... the PM then denies that the govt has a plot to have Anwar framed for sodomy.... but.. WHY SODOMY??? Wasnt he cleared the last time round off that? Wasnt the sodomy case that brought huge wave of sympathy towards Anwar?? If indeed it is a plot by the Government then I must say it is indeed a shallow, stupid and brainless plot ever hatched. If indeed it comes from the 4th floor boys then all should be fired.

Has the government lost all ideas on how to contain Anwar's rise of late? Instead of pulling such a stunt, they should instead engage Anwar in a debate as to each other's approach to address the fuel increases. I am sure Malaysian public would like to hear Anwar's ideas as to how he intend to lower pump price and yet maintain the subsidies remain within Malaysians. What Malaysians like ME do not like to hear of is political assasination by some stupid allegations.... such as.. sodomy!

Ong Ka Ting? Is he even worth discussing?

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