Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hard Cash for Subsidy?

The latest to come out from the cabinet's meeting on petrol subsidy is rather disturbing. Although it was one of the ideas I espoused with my friends, giving cash back to Malaysians can be easily abused!!! What about the dead folks?? While in the report by Malaysiakini only state that cash will be given back to Malaysian Motorist who owned motorcycles and small cars..... errrr...


So what about those that ride bicycles or own neither? What sort of cars are considered small cars??? Seriously.... what about those truly hard core poor????

I am not going to gripe but.... electricity tariff going up??? Is the government going to ask us to change lifestyle once again? Use candle ah?


cili said...

Next we meet up for coffee, we meet up in the park yea.

I bring coffee and i bring candles 'evil grins'

cili said...

oopppsss i mean, i bring coffee and you bring candles