Monday, June 23, 2008

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The title YB has in the past used to denote Member of Parliament or State Assembly. It was meant Yang Berhormat. Indeed a title that many in the past used to push some envelops and getting their crony's favour done.

Not until the last General Election. The term, YB was used to denote Yang Berkhidmats. Many people who campaigned along that line was endorsed by Barisan Rakyat. These are the people elected by us and thus would have to fulfil their duties in representing our voice in their respective assemblies or Parliament.

Then, there are some from the Blog scene that got elected and hence YB stands for Yang BerBlog!

On the downside... many indicate the stupid statements to come out from some Yang Bodoh... while Chua Soi Lek took YB to real dizzy heights.. then he was told YB stands for Yang Beraksi and Yang Berbogel... but today..... well.... read on..

Today a pic that came on in The Malaysian Insider gave a new twist altogether to the monicker YB. (Read the news tho for why these YBs are on an austerity drive.... ). Maybe Tian Chua needs to buck up on his riding skills he seem to lag far behind those from Kulim and Padang Serai! Yeah!!! My hometown boys are leading the bicycle race!

YB now stands for..........



Anonymous said...

Wear tie & cycle = nuts.

Take it off for god's sake.

Also those ahead were using mountain/racing bicycles with multiple gears.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh... so pandai arr... riding bicycle wearing tie and blazer and stuff... very very pandai... by the time they reach parliament, sure nid ambi pure wan, cuz they will stink like a skunk!