Monday, June 23, 2008

SAPP MPs Missing?

It was reported that the two SAPP MPs who were suppose to initiate the passing of no confidence vote are missing from Dewan's sitting today.... a case of tadpoles failing to hatch? or were they.. "hijacked" yet again?

Meanwhile Kit Siang has been given leave to adjourn the sitting to discuss the explosive Statutory Declaration by Raja Petra Kamarudin's allegation that Rosmah was at Altantunya Shaaribu's murder scene. Gee... Abdullah pulling it tighter for Najib? Funny... since the article surfaced, there was not even a squeak of denial to come out from Najib or Rosmah. Elegant silence?

Since the police say they will "investigate". Will they try to skewer RPK yet again? They have failed many times... well the old adage.. try and try again may well be their motto...


cleffairy said...

They don dare say lah! Mebbe they hope that ppl will 'lupa'? Besides, they'll be able to find a scapegoat to cover up their burnin ass sooner or later.

My first visit to your blog. Feel free to visit mine and exchange ideas wif me %^-^%

Malaysian Joe said...

sure mate.... keep in touch.. :)