Friday, June 20, 2008

Mitigate Damage Please

Seriously, with the issues our country is facing, I would want the leadership of the country be determined once and for all. News of SAPP turning the screws on BN with their 'threat" to pass a no confidence vote on the PM may yet seem hollow. They have only 2 MPs but many would argue that they just need an example for the rest to follow.

Indeed there are many within UMNO that are also calling for Abdullah to step down, the latest being the repeat call by Razaleigh himself when he claimed that BN has lost all credibility, meaning that the dissesion by SAPP may be an opportunity for the rest in UMNO to perform a mutiny well before the elections in December. Would they now take to the floor this Monday?

While they play out the long drawn drama, I as a Malaysian hope that the politicians do it good for the sake of the country. If indeed Abdullah is as poor as many make him to out to be, then we really need a good leader to guide the country back to glory, or is he as good as the press gloss him out to be, then we will probably have to get behind him and ensure that he does a good job... damn.. I must be really confused.... but my confusion I guess stems from one fear... I fear the day Najib takes over. Credibility? C4 hanging over his head and his bathe the keris in Chinese blood statement? No... No Najib. To date he has not proven anything, by saying he is a party man only shows his greed in that he wants a party to be strong enough to support his ambition of being PM of Malaysia. He cares not for the people. All he cares for is his position as the next PM of Malaysia must be preserved at all cost even having Abdullah as the PM for the next year or so.

Hence we need to mitigate the damage, but alas it is out of our hands. GE12 is consigned to history. Now we have to work on the results we have in GE12 to move on with changes. It has to come hard, fast and swift. Any long drawn power struggle will drain the country off much needed investments. Uncertainty would cause the bourse to tumble and jobs uncertain. So, Pakatan, do not go on with the mind games anymore. If you have the numbers... JUST DO IT. Do not prolong it and cause us much hardship. If you do not have the numbers... then just let the current government carry out their plans... well, if they have any.

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