Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tadpoles Maturing!

SAPP has announced the first salvo of possible crossovers. However, they stop short of doing that. Maybe they are awaiting the next move from BN but their departure from BN is unavoidable. Abdullah would not want to be seen weak in not dealing with SAPP firmly.

But Abdullah has chosen probably the most unwise words to describe SAPP's rebellion by targetting Yong Teck Lee, when he said "I have not been able to satisfy his (Yong's) personal greed."

I mean... comeon Abdullah, say something intelligent for once! Before firing off a salvo of this nature justify it and explain it! What greed? The PM needs to understand that the people of Malaysia are more mature now and we cannot stand by a PM that takes pot shots at his opponents just like that!

Talk to any Malaysians la.. Abdullah.. they will tell you ALL POLITICIANS ARE GREEDY.... just that BN ones are greedier... much more greedier.. otherwise how do you explain their bulging stomachs and palace like mansions? Not forgetting the luxury cars they have which many Malaysians can only dream of?

Back to the issue, SAPP raised 4 points as to what makes them decide to raise the vote of no confidence on the PM

They are:

  • No concrete actions have been taken on the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah. "Our sovereignty is threatened," said Chua.
  • Sabah, being the poorest state, is greatly burdened by the sharp hike in petrol prices. The government has failed to provide "holistic economic solutions".
  • Sapp MPs would fail in their role as elected representatives as issues raised such as poor delivery systems, corruption, wastage of resources, lack of transparency and no sense of accountability are ignored.
  • People have lost confidence in the leadership of Abdullah. Sapp is of the opinion that if the top leadership can't perform, then Abdullah should make way for other able leader to take over.

These problems have been around for a long time. Question is why now? Why not during Tun's time? KNS... Yong has got as much to explain as Abdullah.... and by the way, if only SAPP felt this way, what about the other BN component parties? Time to show Tai-kor UMNO that they should behave as a good Tai-kor and not the big bully they have been!

Sadly MCA, MIC and Gerakan are still licking booties.... but they are not alone... SAPP's Raymond Tan is trying to gain brownie points when he said, '"It is not proper for us to do it when Abdullah is the Barisan chairperson. It is disrespectful to the prime minister," he said. Tan is Sabah deputy chief minister and infrastructure minister.

What a good dog.... pardon my Freudian... I mean.. Dude..

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