Thursday, June 12, 2008

Parking in KL 35% More!


A media liaison officer from DBKL when contacted said that Abdul Hakim had never said that there was an increase and that the media had misinterpreted the entire matter.

"The only new issue here is the implementation of the SLKE and the charge extension to Sundays, public holidays and of the time frame of where the charges are to take place," said the officer who did not want to be named.

So now? Got or not? But whats for sure is weekends in KL will be more expensive! My suggestion, go to PJ or Pakatan land... weekend free parking by MBPJ.

Got this piece of news from Malaysiakini and I think BN through DBKL is trying to punish city folks for the near annihilation of BN in Kuala Lumpur in the March 8, General Election.

Yesterday, Bernama reported KL mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan’s announcement that DBKL will be increasing the city’s parking rate to 80 sen from its initial 60 sen hourly charge beginning Monday due to the implementation of the Electronic Parking System (SLKE).

Apart from the increase, the mayor also said that DBKL will be extending the charges to Sundays and public holidays.

I normally do not bold excerpts from news portal but......

Parking is to be extended to Sundays and Public Holidays? What the.......

DBKL has been earning tonnes from property assessment rates and now they want to increase parking fees? I think it is high time Pakatan look into the possibility of sacking every city hall councillor right up to the Mayor for failing to ensure that the city has adequate facilities for its inhabitants. From hygenically suicidal stalls by the roadside and potholed roads to the frequent floods and pedestrian unfriendly streets of KL, this City Hall has failed!

People are already grappling with high fuel price and in comes DBKL wanting to tap into the RM625 subsidy the government is giving us for fuel?

When can we have an election for KL's Mayor? I will be the first to say...



kuc1n993m0k said...

Pity to all KL people.


Malaysian leaders sudah gila!!


Anonymous said...

Trust me... they are not gila.... they are tamak... :)