Friday, June 13, 2008

Mat Mat Taib Strikes Again!

UMNO's smartest man with two Muhammad to his name has struck again!

Somewhere in April I wrote this comment on his brilliant take on "level playing field"

Well, he struck again yesterday which made me choked on my lunch when I picked up an odd copy of The Star left by one of the customer at this mamak stall.

He is now sooooo "in touch" with the people that he has concluded that people are now FED UP OF PAKATAN. Interesting he said this:

He said he was confident that the Barisan would take back the opposition states as the rakyat regretted electing a party that had shown nothing in its 100 days in power.

“Barisan had its flaws but we worked for the benefit of the rakyat. What has opposition Pakatan Rakyat done so far?” he added.

Lets see what the Pakatan states have done Matx2.

1. ALL Pakatan states have cut down on their expenditure even before the fuel hike was announced.
2. Penang have embarked on a more transparent administration with open tenders and more open processes via internet.
3. Perak has given out permanent land titles to people that Gerakan and MCA used to beg for an extension.
4. Selangor gave out 20 cubic meters of free water.
5. Selangor has made the state more "religion" friendly.
6. Shoddy land deals that sees millions vanish into the pockets of the well connected have been unearthed.
7. Pakatan MPs have raised various issues to be debated in Parliament only to be prevented by the speaker, BMC-Grand Saga issue, fuel hike, electricity tariff hike etc.
8. Penang has worked hard in trying to woo investors and kudos that they sealed the deal with Ibiden and Honeywell!

Now lets see what BN States have done in the first 100 days.

................... Dei Mat! Care to fill in for me?

Now lets see what the new BN Federal Govt has done...

1. Increase price of rice
2. Increase price of fuel
3. Increase electricity tariff
4. Parking fees in KL on Saturdays and Sundays.
5. Slapping cabinet ministers with a paltry 10% reduction in... ALLOWANCES! While whipping the Rakyat with a 40% hike in fuel and 20% hike in electricity tariff.

With all due respect Mat.... this I would rank as one of another BRILLIANT statement to come out from an Otak Udang. Then again, he was right! What has the opposition done in the Five Pakatan States? I guess here he is referring to BN... Dei Mat.. I give you answer ya... THEY DID NOTHING except trying hard to gain brownie points here and there.... well there you go.

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