Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Although he did not say it.... he certainly sounds like he is saying it.

Muhyidin on APs.

We are not changing it at the moment as far as the AP issuance policy is concerned," he told the press conference after the opening ceremony of Kawasaki's new state plant in Shah Alam today.

Of course we are not changing it. We make RM20k at least for a piece of paper and well.... someone else makes much more of it... since Rafidah has made a bundle... I guess its my turn. Isn't that what he is trying to say without sounding impolite?

However, the minister said that his ministry is currently preparing to undertake study to look at the performances of the permits holders which have bumiputera status.

In other words, I think my "supporters" deserve their dose of APs. The axis of power is shifting.....

Muhyiddin added that APs could be sustained for another 10 to 11 years so the permit holders could be prepared to face local competition.

Geez.... I should do this longer... its too short when the government announced that AP would be phased out by 2010! I will extend it! Another flop by someone hell bent on making some $$$$.

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