Friday, June 13, 2008

Fuel Hike Demo?

A busybody I am, there were mammoth sized crowd outside Kampung Baru Mosque and I believe this is the crowd that will march onwards to KLCC. Malaysiakini has the news!

People are expecting a demonstration at KLCC today after Friday prayers Today. So to all, please avoid KLCC if you have no intention of being part of the demonstration or if you have no intention of being caught in a jam or in a police net.

Police are expected to deploy 1000 to 2000 personnel to "ward" off the demonstration that sources say may number about 10,000 people. The numbers in itself will tell the Government that majority is unhappy. But I hope the numbers that congregate there are demonstrating for the right purpose. We must demonstrate for greater transparency and accountability by Government and Petronas on their obligation to the country and people at large.

We should be looking at the Charter for Petronas and what it was set up to do. They should manage the Nation's wealth prudently and accountably. It is fair to pay bonusses to the staff but not to the tune of 8 months or so bonusses. We must insist that Petronas MUST report to the Parliament instead of keeping mum on their records. Petronas must come clean.

We must also be telling the government that in order to save the country, protectionist policy for the National Car project must go! We should not be for the sake of saving the face of a few people and the rice bowl of a few thousand put millions of Malaysians at stake. After all, wasnt it the government that says that 100,000 BERSIH demonstrators do not represent the wishes of the majority? Automotive industry in Malaysia MUST grow and PROTON must not stand in the way to hamper the potential job market this industry could bring to the country.

Subsidies MUST GO! YES. BUT, public transportation, education and healthcare has to make quantum leaps in improvement! We must demonstrate for the right reasons! Demonstrate for the sake of getting back the subsidies will not augur well for our next generation. While I do agree that majority are fed up with a government lacking in will, we must also remember that it was us that put them there for the last 50 years.

Before the people can change.... THE GOVERNMENT MUST CHANGE! Either physically or mentally. If they cannot change mentally then we, the rakyat must institute the change physically.

Demonstrate for the right cause. Oil riches are not to be enjoyed by this current generation alone. It is our sacred duty to ensure that our future generation benefits from it as well. It is our duty to ensure that oil money is used to equip our young with knowledge and skills (free/affordable quality education for ALL) to face the future world.

It is our duty to ensure that investors flock to our country to add boost to our economy by generating job opportunities and bringing in new technologies. For that, we need to ensure that the public transportation is par excellence. We would also need to have first class healthcare to ensure our people are well cared for to continue building this country!

Malaysians, 8th of March was a day of history. Malaysia cannot move forward and compete if we are fragmented. We need each and every Malaysian to be competently equipped to face the world as ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE. We are afterall, in Harris Ibrahim's words, BANGSA RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Indeed MALAYSIA BOLEH, but lets do it for the right cause.

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