Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Real Man of Honor

Need I say more.

He is most worthy to be addressed as


But this man will definitely be real mad.....

The full text of Sarawak's High Court Judge Datuk HC Ian Chin's speech in court HERE which probably shook the foundations of the judiciary to bits if the VK Lingam debacle had not yet done so.

Borneo Post has this report on the explosive disclosure here.

I am no legal eagle but err.... isnt Dr. M in much hot soup now? What about Eusoffe Chin who was implicated as well? The gloves are off.... signs of frogs are getting clearer.. maybe not the politicians yet but again... judges from Sabah and Sarawak? Tell that to me again?

No comments needed, his statement left me awe struck and dumbfounded. Indeed there are still honorable people around who put facts before him for a possible recussal... care to be reminded who are those who refused recussal?

(Pictures taken from Malaysiakini.com)

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