Monday, June 9, 2008

Will PR do it better?

With the wound of the recent price increase still fresh, PKR's de-facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim reiterated that his government if given the chance will reduce the price... impressive! But, is that logical?

I mean, its true Malaysia is a Net Oil Exporter. Its true that we are one of the most EXPENSIVE amongst oil exporting nations. Its TRUE that Petronas's profits belongs to the people and Hassan Merican has no right to ask the Government to remove subsidy.

But its also true that oil is a limited resource, soon Malaysia will be a net importer. Then what?

I also hope Datuk Seri Anwar will look at the bigger picture instead of playing to populist whims and fancies.

We should look at improving:

1. Public transport infrastructure nationwide. Not only in the cities although it is most necessary in the cities, we should ensure that the roads in the country are well maintained and economically affordable to all Malaysians.

2. Education. While subsidies will ease the burden for a short period of time, a good and free education system would power the country into the future. With more universities and scholarships, we would be able to ensure our next generation have the best of opportunities to build their knowledge and skills regardless of color. With the savings in subsidies, the government will be able to hire the best minds and build the best universities for our children. Continued existence in excellence.. isnt this what we wanted? Or was it just a pipe dream concocted by our government for the last 50 years?

3. Improve competitive edge in automotive and high tech industries. Removing the need to support the National car's project would allow the government to allow cars of better quality to be sold at a much cheaper price to the public. On top of that, foreign car makers would be tempted to set up plants here in Malaysia. After all, we are S.E.A largest automotive market. That will also benefit all the supporting automotive industry. While it will dispel notion that the loss of jobs in Proton will instead translate into more jobs should the industry flourish under free trade.

4. Malaysians should be allowed to take their community off TNB's power grid. For those people who lived where they can harness the wind or sun.. btw.. we have sunlight 365 days a year, I do not see a problem whereby we provide for communities to build and generate clean power for their consumption. Any excess, they can then have the option to sell it back into the grid, basically to TNB. Malaysians can then be masters of their own destiny and not being held ransom by TNB should the tariffs increase. Instead they may find their effort in producing clean energy being rewarded! Alas, our government in wanting to ensure TNB's survival will never allow this to happen.

5. Medical facilities can be further enhanced. The wait and facilities in public hospitals normally leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is high time with the amount of money poured into healthcare, this be made priority.

6. Welfare handouts to retired citizens. This need not be alot but, I think if we can administer this as how the government administer the pensions of government servants, it will be a good way to say thank you to those who have put in the effort to bring our country to where it is today. RM200 a month may not be a lot but I think as a token of appreciation, they can have some small luxuries in their golden years. Not all retirees have successful children who can care for their old folks.

While I know, BN will not read nor act on this, nor anyone for that matter. But, I hope someone comes in and make good use of their time in government to make something meaningful of it. We have only ONE country, and we have only TODAY to make things right. Lets not screw it up and leave our children without much to build on.

So Datuk Seri Anwar, I hope when you decide on the fuel subsidy, should your government come into being, I hope you decide with tomorrow at heart. I hope you decide as a Malaysian and not as a leader trying to gain brownie points today with liabilities tomorrow. I hope you will have the foresight to do the RIGHT thing. I hope you will be a Prime Minister for ALL Malaysians should you come into power.

But to our current PM, its not lost yet really. You just need to go the final mile and right the wrongs. Merely saying you will undertake steps to alleviate the burden is not enough. We want to see action. People generally would not mind being burdened if they see good coming out of it at the end but today, I can only see the billions saved going into some politician's coffers. To Malaysians I think they think that is one HUGE PILE OF DUNG!


Letting the time pass me by said...

Hopefully people can still survive and have something to eat and to cherish in life...

I am wondering what happen to the government? Cutting subsidy, price increase? Are we run put of money? Is the country is desperate for money? Anymore money left in the Bank Negara?

Recession may be inevitable, but the government need to make sure that the impact can be soften for those with less money.... Not following the capitalism idea ... the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer...

Malaysian Joe said...
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Malaysian Joe said...

Two things:

1. Either the current govt is really out of cash due to Dr. M's aggressive defensive economics in the 97 crisis.


2. The govt is horrendously stupid.

Either way, I think we should stomach and understand the fuel increase but they need to look at cutting the huge excesses and allow Malaysians a free hand in deciding what to take with all the choices, unlike now.. electricity.. TNB... cars... lets not talk about it.

10% and no Free Exotic Holidays... peanuts, these corrupt buggers will find a way round it.