Thursday, April 3, 2008

MatMat's Smartest Statement Yet!

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Mat Taib jabs Dr M, defends Pak Lah
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Apr 2, 08 8:07pm
Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib today lashed out at former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for launching scathing attacks on his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Defending his party president during a press conference at his Rural And Regional Development Ministry in Putrajaya, Muhammad said people should stop pointing fingers at Abdullah.
"What Mahathir and people are doing now is very, very wrong. It is not fair to point fingers at one person when everybody knows there were many contributing factors.
"It is very unfair to dump the blame on the PM. This is unfair and done in bad faith," he said.
Muhammad was referring to "unfair" comments from Mahathir made at a forum yesterday on how Abdullah was
shameless in refusing to resign for Barisan Nasional’s biggest election setback last month.

Yes Matx2. Now I know why our PM brought you back. The loyal warlord you are now protecting your present master. This however I do agree with you that the old man should let you guys solve your own problems but Matx2 do not forget that the old man still has loads of grassroot support and you will be foolish to be so critical of him at this juncture when your own ship is leaking in water big time.

'Not a level playing field'
He pointed out that there were also other contributing factors to BN’s performance including the role played by bloggers, news portals and short messaging service (SMS).
"It wasn’t a level-playing field (between the BN and opposition). BN did not use the portals, SMS and ICT (information and communications technology) to the fullest," he said.

Muhammad noted that the BN lost in the "virtual elections" while opposition had cashed in on using video CDs showing temple demolitions which caused the swing of Indian voters.
The former Selangor mentri besar also questioned why are the people picking on Abdullah when other leaders have also previously lost in the elections.

"We lost Terengganu in 1999. How come nobody asked Mahathir to step down then? When PAS lost Terengganu in 2004, how come nobody told (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to step down?" he quizzed.

Muhammad noted that Mahathir was a good leader but his comments are not helping the party at this particular time.

"We are trying to fight one person but our guru is hitting us at the same time. Nobody can call for Mahathir to be disciplined because he is kebal (untouchable). This is too much," he told reporters.

Another reason why you were brought in actually. To make us laugh. Really... We have lost the cabinet jester in MisInformation Minister Zam and it will indeed be boring if we do not have another jester to keep making those idiotic statements, thats why our sleepy PM put you right back into the fray. Dei! ICT is for all to use not just the opposition... but you guys chose the arrogant way.. what to do.... haiya... you can also use ICT wut.... why? Dont know how to connect to the internet ah or dont know how to type? Ohhhh ya... I forgot! You do not understand ENGLISH! You were the fler right? Caught with his pants down carrying millions into Australia??? Sorry... my bad... my bad....

Anyway, its good for BN to have you in the cabinet... it makes the demise of BN much more ...swifter.

To the second bolded line... yes..yes... you lost in the "virtual elections" the score is 20 votes for opposition and 1 to BN in most of the forums. That you got it right! You are actually smarter than I thought. But look at this this way Matx2... if virtual election results were to be used... BN will have no MPs in Parliament or State Assembly, Zero.. Goondoo!! Comprende?

To the third one... well different strokes la... Matx2. Because PAS do not have the culture of blaming others for their failure... UMNO I guess previously also do not have it one... but now... I guess it has all got to do with the runaway gravy train of Penang, Perak and Selangor that makes you all so "Bengang" right? No more crony contracts to be dished out.. no more cheap land to be gazetted... no more this.. no more that.... its hard to live without these "things" and "bling bling" that you have taken for granted is there for your picking... right? One piece of advise: Learn to live with it.

Aiyo... thanks Matx2... was such a nice joke you make this morning... I laugh so hard I started to cry... really release tension....

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cili said...

Babe ... bravo! Bloodly well written. You wrote exactly what's on my mind .... and yes i was laughing together with you when i read this post.