Friday, September 26, 2008

End of Abdullah?

AGM postponed till March to facilitate transition of power...


Writings on the wall? Abdullah stepping down ahead of 2010 timeline?

Whatever it is, I feel it sucks because these mofos put Umno ahead of the nation ahead of the economy... why can't they just give up while they sort the mess in their own house? What right have they got to put Malaysians in hardship just because these greedy and selfish buggers want to clean up their house?


Well, selfish? I asked.. look at this statement:

"This is good for the party," Najib said.

"This follows Umno's tradition and at the same time we have taken into account the views of party members, so I think there is a lot of wisdom in today's decision."

Why is it just for the party? Do they for one moment think that it is BAD for the people and the country?

We are just interested in the country damn it! I don't give a damn if Umno will be here tomorrow or Pakatan will rule this country tomorrow.. I just want a government that ensure the country is safe, prosperous, free and fair! What shit are you buggers griping about good for the party????


fergie said...

What's new, Kevin. These buggers have always been greedy and selfish. I don't think their filthy, stinking house will ever be clean! TDM, whatever one might think or say about him, at least did something for the country. I have to credit him for that. NOW ... our Mr Clean has just sleepwalked n sleeptalked his way around and as for his no.2 .. I DREAD to think what will become of us when he naik no.1 ... bbbrrrrrrr

fergie said...

BTW all quiet on the PR front? Sigh .. looks like we have to wait for the 13th GE to see any changes.

Anonymous said...

Haha... Fergie...we may not really love TDM to bits when he was in office, however, credit should be given where it's due... he did a lot for the country...while Pak Lah... he did a lot too... he did a lot to make our country to look stupid and uncontrollable.

Haha... Fergie, you see... Kevin now also very fed up liao... he also dun care who will be Pm or who will govern...joining my side liao...just wan a safe and better place to live. Hmm... I think a lot of people are wishing for this too.

My migraine not yet gone... I go get some shuteye first before I come and root at my chair in front of the pc again later. :-S See ya, Kevin, Fergie...I go and dream about some horrible fairy tales first. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

Gosh.... so many on leave and I am left to run 5 person's job today.. FTW...