Monday, September 22, 2008



He must be real proud of himself. To think that he has been "loyal" to Yong Teck Lee... To think that he has been a man of his word in that he does not "betray" his boss when he said the above... rather let me summarize as below:

He said he had pleaded with Abdullah not to arrest Yong as it would be a bad move, and had even gone on television with a plea to allow the latter to speak up.

Tan, who has since quit the party, claimed he had always been protective of Yong and that this has not changed in spite of their differences of opinion..

He has shown his POWAH!!

But I wonder if he thinks we are more stupid than he was?

Firstly, his disobedience stems from the fact that he holds office in the current state government. That in itself shows people that he is greedy. Indeed, he craves for the position and power that would have eluded him if he had chosen to stick with Yong's SAPP when he announced the pullout.

Secondly his declaration of POWAH... as SAPP newly-appointed information chief Chong Pit Fah puts it.. "A Shocking Revelation" in that Raymond Tan indeed has the POWAH to tell PM to not arrest Yong Teck Lee! Beat that!

If Yong is guilty... ARREST HIM! If he is NOT... why would you even bother?

If indeed you, Raymond Tan had interfered with investigation by pulling your "weight" around the PM in urging him to stop ACA's investigation? Are you implying as Mr. Chong says, "This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work,” Chong said in a statement issued yesterday.

So, it is true that the ACA and Police are under the thumb of the government.... Mr. Raymond Tan has just confirmed what we have said all along.. ACA is NOT INDEPENDENT! And he even implicated PM in obstructing justice! If what he said is true.... anyway....

And, now.. please give the good lap dog a bone....

After the meeting, Musa announced that Tan would remain as his deputy for now.

A final decision on the matter will be made after Musa has met with top BN leaders.

And why am I not surprised if Mr. Tan is indeed a double agent? If he is a lapdog.. I really wonder whose side is he on?


Anonymous said...

Err... I'm confuse for a moment there... because he pretty much sound like Bn's lapdog in the first place.

Malaysian Joe said...

Err.. yeah... i thought the same too but would one be so stupid to implicate his own boss in that manner?

fergie said...

Hi y'all .. talk about lapdogs .. such a sad day .. WHY oh WHY has RPK been sent to Kamunting in such a hurry? Is God a racist? Teresa n the reporter are free n that makes me wonder. Met a Catholic friend this morning and he happily told me that his congregation prayed for their release. When I asked him if they prayed for RPK he told me he will suggest they do that this coming Sunday .. Aiyo .. he really got a piece of my mind!!!! Soon I gotta go collect my doggie .. NOT at all like the "lapdogs" hahahaha

Anonymous said...

And for 2 damned years summore...and the period of detention could be increase, indefinitely! U got doggie, fergie? Wud doggie? Cute anot?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

wou wou *barking*

fergie said...

i got mini schnauzer .. very hyper la n 2 many treats so fatty hahaha. Eh .. u all got support Haris' hartal or not? I support but how to convince ppl. They scared lose their jobs la. Penang can make a diff ah? Ppl here 1 kind mentality la. I susah cho lang!

Malaysian Joe said...

Hartal.. interesting subject... but I doubt ppl can stomach a prolonged hartal. I guess barry, the first commentator summed up my thoughts... call me a coward.. call me selfish.. I do support RPK and I want to see his freedom.. I think its unfair treatment.. but my family's survival comes first. Yes.. if country goes down family goes down I know but my job is to fight with my family by my side. I will do beyond what is needed of me but I cannot forgo my family in such a manner.