Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A country gone Cuckoo

When Namewee wrote the song and uploaded it to youtube... man.. was the government mad... which led to him issuing an apology which was deemed unacceptable... but then we had one bigot that speaks nothing but racial slurs who will not even apologize and had the DPM apologizing on his behalf and the apologies was shoved down our throats.

Today Namewee was grilled....

CCID cyber and multimedia investigation division assistant director Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said Wee is being investigated under the Sedition Act.

hmmm... Sheih was detained under Sedition Act.. I think Namewee is lucky to be just being called to make a statement... I guess the police cannot afford another boo boo after what they did.. (ie taking the fall for Botak's antics)

In fact, they did it again in RPK's being sent to Kamunting... Botak said that it was Police's recommendations that RPK being detained.. gosh.. Botak, you got no balls to own up that it was your decision and your decision alone?

Meanwhile minister Syed Hamid confirmed Raja Petra's detention under the ISA, stating that he was satisfied with the reasons given by the police for the blogger's detention.

"The detention is due to Raja Petra's articles that ridiculed Islam which could arouse anger among Muslims.

"The police had recommended his detention and after going through the papers, we are satisfied that there are strong grounds for him to be further detained for two years (in Kamunting)," he said.



fergie said...

Have u read any of RPK's articles on Islam/Muslims? My opinion is that he was just calling a spade a spade. Nothing he said insulted the religion at all. That's just MY opinion. I feel that SHA is abusing his power and as for the police .. is their command of English good enough to interpret what RPK was saying in his articles? The country's gone cuckoo cos the people in control are ALL cuckoo! Haris talks of People are the Power .. heck .. I don't feel very powerful, do you?

Malaysian Joe said...


I actually did write something on that but removed it because I deem myself unfit to comment about religion. But, yes, I agree with you based on my understanding that he criticized Muslims being hypocrites and to term it in relations to Muslims in this country, I think RPK hit bullseye.

In fact, when they arrested him, I remembered reading contradicting reports that he insulted Prophet Mohammed in one, insulted Islam in another and insulted Muslims in another charge.. so they do not know themselves who was insulted... but since Islam as a religion cannot speak for itself, nor can Prophet Mohammed coz he is dead.. only conclusion comes to mind are a group of Muslims... and my thought is this, care to take a sample of Muslims to see if 100% of them are insulted? I am quite sure out there, many shared RPK's sentiments.

Haris is kinda gung-ho.. indeed ppl's power can be a very incisive tool but Malaysians are within comfort zone, it will take a lot more to shake them to do the Hartal.. I will probably observe a few days of hartal.. guess I can stomach a few days of unpaid leaves.. :). But, my responsibility is to my family too and I know that Haris understands that.

fergie said...

It is very difficult to move the masses to Hartal cos of the different factions .. there must be ONE common purpose to get the people together to act as ONE. Hartal against ISA will not affect a lot of people .. Malaysians in general have a tidak apa attitude til something affects them personally. The people need to fight for a COMMON cause. I am supportive but what diff will I make? .. as for taking a sample of Muslims to see if they feel insulted by RPK's articles, I don't hear many cries for his "blood" .. I hear more cries for SHA's "blood" :o

Anonymous said...

Now only they want to bring up this case? Celaka lorr... just want to cari pasal nia.

fergie said...

They try n try to stir up trouble to justify emergency rule but to no avail .. everyone staying cool .. they must be sooooo frustrated! I think pretty soon gonna run out of ideas hehehehe

Calvin Soo KJ said...

i have many muslim colleagues who read rpk's blog. to their understanding, they were not insulted and they agreed on some issues. and fergie's right, many of them are hungry for SHA's blood and not rpk's. like mjoe, i have a family to support, not that i am scared or anything.....for me, family comes 1st. i sounded like a hypocrite, i hope not.

Malaysian Joe said...

Calvin, I think downright we are all selfish and refuse to come out of our comfort zone. Maybe the push has not come to shove.. and I certainly do know that the moment my zone is intruded I will respond.. the problem is, I do not know where the border is!?