Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 years.... duh....

After all the ruckus and maniacal attitude, all he got was a slap in the wrist which is 3 years suspension.

Malaysiakini's extracts.

"This decision may not be in favour of Umno... They did it anyway because it is for national security," he added.

This must indeed be a big thing. Umno not happy but in order to "appease" the rest, we suspend him for 3 years! May not be the tai-kor but still has the ability to be the puppet master.. no?

Another council member Shahidan Kassim said that no one should stoke racial sensitivities but implicitly questioned if Ahmad had been treated fairly.

"If you want to talk about fairness, why no action was taken against (Chinese pressure group) Suqiu or the person who mocked the national anthem?"

When they do something on their own... they must be really unhappy that they have to question about others. Shahidan, that boy apologize.. you guys do not accept.... your maniac bigot member refuse to apologize... see the difference?

What is worrying is that the cops made remarks as these.

“The recent (racist remarks) issue has been exploited by many irresponsible parties who have used various media including blogs, SMS, and MMS to threaten peace in the country.

“I also warn everyone to stop issuing such statements in the print and electronic media,” Ismail said during a press conference at Bukit Aman police headquarters yesterday.

Vague at best but hey... are they threatening the bloggers who are responsibly commenting on the issue?

And of course being a slap on the wrist, the bigot accepted the punishment.... here. And he insinuated the council's decision to suspend him saying that there are more "creative" ways for him to remain at the helm! What a !@#$#@

He said he could still serve Umno in other ways.

“If the division is smart enough to create a new post, like an adviser, I can become an adviser.

“It does not end there and I can even become executive secretary,” said Ahmad.

And all the good dogs say????

Justice Served. Let me not bore you with their quotes.. you can read them there.

But the issue here is, would restrictions and punishment as theses help in attaining racial harmony? Should it not be better for a system that allows equality to prevail and open forums to allow people to discuss and understand? Rather than to have skewed policies that allow questions to be continually asked and distrust to fester? Is this the correct way to deal with the situation?

But MalaysianJoe thinks, these are merely symptoms of a desperate group of people who would stop at nothing to ensure that their selfish ends are met and these are the people that the majority now should condemn not via demonstrations nor sending them to ISA by a group of people but by the majority of population. These people has to be rejected as a whole if we want to see Malaysia thrive in the face of globalization. We can achieve this if ALL Malaysians come together and say, "We are ONE RACE!" We, Malaysians MUST stand as one in the face of these people and tell them "We are NOT INTERESTED in your kind of politics and polemics!" We should and we must... because we are Malaysians... no longer Umno, MCA, MIC. Maybe its a pipe dream but I do see a slow but visible emergence and I hope for the best for my beloved country.


fergie said...

Aiyo .. again no Clef around .. see pek boh eng ah? That 3 years suspension is such a FARCE la .. will be back in time for next GE hahahaha. What to do .. they "own" the country so can do what they like. Kevin, so glad u not mind my posting here .. Clef not every day got blog la. I notice a commenter on her blog called her Lizzy and that she writes novels .. wah maybe I've read a few .. I am an avid reader!

Malaysian Joe said...

hahaha... good writer indeed. 3 years or 5 years.. is not the matter. The fact is that he will never get to stand as a candidate in Bkt Bendera. But the mere act of suspension means that AAB is trying to placate the BN lap dogs but in the meantime not to ruffle too many feathers in umno... but to many in public, the action is a farce.

fergie said...

AAB will have more than enough on his plate when Old Satan returns ... kinda feel sorry for that "sotong"

Anonymous said...

LOL...finally Cleff is released from the ultimate slavery of her office. *takes deep breath* Ah! The fresh air of malaysian Joe's webbie. LOL... Oh, hi Fergie, again you're here first LOL.

Kevin, Fergie, they are obviously practicing double standard. Humph! See what will happened if it's Chinese or Indian component party feller who throw racist remarks onto Malay? The very next day, they will be thrown into ISA. But this bloody cow just get suspended for 3 years? Aww, come on... why those assholes have no balls to admit that they actually agree with what Ahmad said and does? No kuku wan! :-(

Well, they definitely do not want us bloggers to comment on the issues, so that this country can remain a place for cows to herd forever!

This country is obviously turning into an asylum of maniacal cows, pigs and coward sleepyhead and C4 bombers. *sigh* and not to forget people who swear their asshole out! I wonder how long I can stay sane in a country like this. :-(

*and Fergie, ignore what my friend said, she's a bit cuckoo.LOL.