Thursday, September 4, 2008

This toupee-d fler make me laugh...

MIC has suddenly found the need to be heard again... but what spills out of this fler's mouth really is exquisite JOKE.

He said that the new campaign methods employed in the Permatang Pauh by election is effective. Well, I think it is.... effective in losing more votes for the Barisan. Bravo Sami.

The new election campaign techniques were adopted in an attempt to woo back Indian voters after MIC's catastrophic performance during the March 8 national polls, which even saw Samy Vellu being ousted from his Sungai Siput parliamentary stronghold of nearly three decades.

Led by president, MIC campaign workers in Permatang Pauh went from door to door and among others, distributed groceries to the poor.

Wonder of wonders... money politics!!! Sometimes I wonder if its new campaign tactics at all!? But please dear Samy... please do as you have done.. it is really comforting that after you stealing that piece of land in Bandar Utama which was meant for a Tamil School, you dare say that you are "championing" the Indians.

Thousands of free VCDs of popular movie songs intertwined with political messages were also part of the strategy to lure in the Indian community's support for BN.

Eh... Samy.. did you put up some fake coconut trees as well? To create a more realistic atmosphere? Your people or rather Malaysians are suffering with increased cost of living due to your boss's poor decisions and you think it can be soothed by some free VCD of popular movie songs? Anyway, I am GLAD that you are still heading MIC.... STAY THERE... DON'T RESIGN.. DON'T RETIRE! You hear!?

"BN can help – Umno, MCA and MIC – can help… but it depends on how we dwell with the matters on how to get people to vote for us," he added.

Of course BN can help.... dishing out scrap metal collector's licenses! That must be such a great accomplishment in MIC's "fight" for the Indians.... what pathetic mofos are there in MIC? This is the biggest and best gift MIC can fight for its people... so they must be thankful to Samy for his tireless fight to help the Indians get the licenses... Screw the land that was meant for a school...

The biggest joke is this...

Asked about the controversy regarding the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail's degrading comments describing the Chinese as 'squatters', Samy Vellu refrained from commenting saying that the matter was 'closed'.

"We don't want to give life to matters of this kind… we want to have a united Malaysian nation.

"We don't want to divide ourselves into bits and pieces anymore… I think we have already suffered enough particularly in the last six months after the elections," he said.

Of course... a good lap dog as Samy will do the bidding of his Masters... matter is closed.. everything ok...

United Malaysian nation... MY FOOT!

Then whats the point of having Umno, MCA and MIC? Who are the ones doing the dividing if not Umno, MCA and MIC?


fergie said...

This toupee-d fella senile or wat? Doesn't he know that most Indians can't stand him? An also ran who refuses to let go of the reins. So FAT and GROSS! I really can't bear to look at him .. same goes for our EX-cm KTK .. Makes me wanna PUKE whenever I see their faces!!!!! ALL racists la .. lining their own pockets is what they're good at in the name of fighting for their race .. the whole BN bunch!!! Outdated politics.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Kevin. Who are doing the dividing if not those BN creeps? They are the one who constantly reminding us that we are not 'Malaysian' but 'Malay, Chinese and Indians'.

Malaysian Joe said...

Well.... after Najib apologized and the fucking racist Ahmad says he sees no need to apologize smacks Najib on the face aint it? If any words were to come out from my mouth to describe this racist pig will be a whole page of superlative expletives.

Anonymous said...

Let it all out, Kevin... I'd like to hear all of it. Let's see you memaki hamun those jackass!