Friday, September 5, 2008

What would you pray for?

Our PM seems to be taunting us with the lowering of pump prices when he urge Malaysians to "pray" for lower fuel prices. HERE.

Speaking to reporters after chairing the finance council meeting in Putrajaya today, he said the government may review petrol prices again in October.

Yesterday, media reports quoted Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad as saying that petrol prices may be reduced before the Hari Raya festival.

What do you expect from a person who "cakap tak serupa bikin?" October???? If he does that, then I will eat my shoe!! I will bet that it will be done by the end of this month before the balik kampung rush for Aidil Fitri!

In fact, I will take this a step further.... I will try to kill TWO BIRDS with one stone...


In that respect, we Malaysians can expect:

1. Immediate departure of sleepyhead at the helm of the country.
2. Immediate lowering of pump prices.

Now... who would join me in that prayer so that we need not be held ransom by a person who has not an idea of how to run this country.


fergie said...

Dis joker of a pm asks us to PRAY for lower fuel price? As if people have nothing more important to pray for! Anyway, I have lost faith, I'm sorry to say and if I did believe that God hears and answers prayers I'd say the same prayer as you, Kevin, for PR to take over running our country. Still struggling with workload? I can imagine what u r going thru. I worked 30+ years doing other people's a/cs & tax returns .. ultra BORING! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Kevin.... AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! LOL.

Fergie, the PM is really cuckoo lah...anyway, we're in the same shoes, just different brand, fergie. My workload is trying to fuck my brain out and I'm being paid PEANUTS! ARGH!

Malaysian Joe said...

c'mon clef... you shld not be that "poorly" paid... for one I am sure you are the jewel in the company.. the MVP.. hence that explains your workload..

well, lemme rephrase that.. the "workhorse" of the company...

With no frogs surfacing, I really wonder if it will come thru... and that its just a pipe dream.

fergie said...

Oh no, Clef .. don't u join the pm and his bunch of cuckoos!!!! Peanuts are for monkeys and I can only think of one .. KJ .. hahahaha .. stay cool and think about "fat cows" ... that really was a good one from you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm really being paid peanuts, considering the workload. i used to think that the salary is okay, but not anymore after the fuel raise and everything started to show to the sky!

LOL...monkeys...aiya, KJ is not monkey la... he's a king...king of rempit, that is. Actually, fat cows is just one of retarded jokes... you haven't seen my wacky fairy tales yet... LOL...I tink even Kevin will ban his kids from reading my site...I was told I write horrible and freaky 'fairy tales'. LOL.


fergie said...

I do visit your site quite often, Clef but sometimes your articles leave me speechless so no comments from me .. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL... articles left you speechless? Now that's a first... =.=

Anyway, Fergie, you don't write? Your blog is empty. :-O

Malaysian Joe said...

clef... speechless.... can mean a whole plethora of reasons... LOL..