Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Government beyond Redemption

Ms. Tan Koon Cheng was released this afternoon at about 4pm. Read what Michelle has to comment about it HERE. The part that made me wanna laugh and cry was when botak said that she was arrested to protect her! I have never heard of anyone else in this world where in order to protect you arrest that person instead of according him/her police protection.

The current government should just relinquish power gracefully. The longer they stay in there, the more idiotic moves that they are going to make. To revert to some comments made by Fergie that her weekend was wrecked by RPK's arrest, I think, it goes beyond that!

Arresting the reporter, Tan Koon Cheng as well as Teresa Kok only goes to show that the current administration works in the following manner... If you demand of a pound of flesh from us... we would take a tonne of flesh from you!

What has Tan Koon Cheng done? Reporting on your mofo bigot racist on what he said... so, AAB, tell me that is wrong... I forgot, when I watched the news yesterday you put the responsibility of arrest on Botak, the Home Minister. Teresa Kok? Petition was on ceramah rather than Azan as claimed by Toyol and that warrants ISA? Based on that, I should think that Utusan should be the one shown the show cause letter for lying and attempting to raise racial tensions rather than Teresa Kok as the Mosque itself clarified that it was their speaker that broke down! So based on the two matters, wasn't Utusan that was at fault for wrongful reporting??? Moreover, if the issue is on the residents complaints at Kinrara, we have the mosque exonerating Teresa of all the blame HERE!

Don't get me started on RPK... looks like people do not like the idea of practising Amar Maarof Nahi Mungkar! But, I guess as RPK himself said it, he saw it coming. All these while Botak was hammered and being made to look like a bloody fool would want to think that the power he has should be used to silence RPK. But, I must say, it made Botak looked beyond stupid... any word to describe him? A prelude to Operasi Lalang was what I postulated yesterday afternoon when I saw the news on show cause to the 3 newspapers... and Malaysiakini confirmed my suspicion. HEREand HERE.

I have my entire weekend spoilt by these news that stinks to high heavens. Lost my appetite for lunch and I had to rush home to catch up on news. Reading them on my tiny machine is causing my aging eyes great strain and my heart aches for RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Koon Cheng. The government has no bloody right to arrest them while at the same time allow Toyol and Bigot to roam free. They have not heard the message on March... I think its time to focus on 916! I call upon BN MPs who still have a conscience to think of the atrocities committed by your comrades.. and if your conscience says your constituency will not approve of it, it is now your moral duty to save your people and save the country!

You need not wait to 916 to make the decision... make it NOW!


fergie said...

U still using ur "small" machine, Kev? Your laptop or whatever :) still kaput? Yep, sad weekend .. REALLY SAD .. Utd was crap and talk about AGE!!!! Van der Sar is showing his age alright!!!! Wat was Rooney doing??? Half the time he is in Wes Brown's position .. we played like headless chickens (like our govt) after our 1st goal .. like that ah wanna win trophies!!! Poorah!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Goddamn our gov. *sigh*I'm sleepy, very sleepy, I'll catch up with you guys after my sleep. :-P I better leave before I sputter rubbish over here and woke up not remembering I left any comment here.

Malaysian Joe said...

Fergie, I have been "prevented" from using anything apart from my 3G mobile on weekends... :(.

Cleffy, rubbish is good for BN nowadays.... if rubbish is what they dish out, rubbish is what they deserve.

fergie said...

You very good boy la, Kevin. Obey wifey and spend time with family. That's they way it shud be.

Malaysian Joe said...

well, I guess after a week of work etc... one shld not be too caught up with things around you and have some dedicated time to build the foundations of your life.... hahaha..

TheWhisperer said...

You were right about Toyol - the making of another Ahmad. The ISA arrests proved you right. Those morons got away scott free.

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Kevin, perhaps you may want to consider this option. You may have to check their coverage as they are still in the midst of expanding their coverage.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

fed up of commenting on the govt d. i think the word government should be pronounced this way govern-them. if they dont listen take up a c4 and bomb that fler's ass sky high, if they blog too much about us, arrest him under them as terrorist, if they go on demonstation, whack them upside down......if they report actual facts...repeat ACTUAL facts, arrest them and put them in prison, so that they can takut and piss in their pants. where is our freedom at? what do we have to do to gain a lil more freedom....should we be kissing their asses and their smelly hell with THEM !!!!! hidup RPK!!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

Whisp, I am in KL so there is no question on me getting broadband wherever I go... the problem is my better half... she hates to see family time being she with family and I am busy fiddling with my toy reading news and scribbling away my "nonsensical thoughts" in my blog.

She hates politics and abhors me doing it what more at the expense of family time.. but lately she realizes that we have to make the difference for our kids to be able to call their country.. which I have been drumming into her for 10 years now .. its getting through her numbskull at last!

I think no words can describe how stupid the govt is. Between an idiot of a devil and a devil of a devil... I choose the devil of a devil today.