Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dribbler Speaketh!

What would you expect when Shabeery speaks? More dribble? More saliva spitting statements?



I do not know how many of us tune in to this channel... But it seems that they could be in hotsoup pending a report... for "running a programme on an issue without regards to national sensitivities"

When I read that, I was like.. "Huh??? They are promoting Ahmad "The Bigot" Ismail's statements? That must be the nation's greatest sensitivities if you ask me."

But wait... the topic was "Which is more important, the transition of power from Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or a reduction in the fuel price?"

He further froth in the mouth saying the following:

Ahmad Shabery said those running the radio station "must be professional” in discharging their duties and not use government machinery to raise sensational and polemical issues.

"If you do not agree with government policies, don't be a government employee. Resign," he said.


ANSWER: I do not think so! In fact it is relevant indeed. Do we want to be bothered with what is happening to one particular group of people or are we more concerned over issues which affect our very lives??? To me, Heck the question is important. As we, the rakyat would not be bothered at all whether power transition is done.. or is it smooth or whatsover as it only concerns BN. To me, if BN cease to be in power, it is IRRELEVANT!

For all your intelligence... you failed to grasp the very reason BN was annihilated from the last election, you seem to think that being a government employee, its their duty to be subservient to your needs? And your perverted notion that being "professional" means to only do what they are being told... BY YOU???

I really wonder if the MAMAK ZAM virus is still prevalent in the Information ministry.. or is the virus actually dormant in every BN member until it is activated by some form of statement or action???

I had thought I may be able to spend the weekend in peace after Teresa Kok and Sheih has been released. Although still pretty much in my thoughts is how is RPK doing and I would pray for his early release... after all, our DPM said that with Ms. Kok's release the issue on ISA arrest should not be an issue anymore.. but I guess it still is... not until after all the ISA detainees are released and be given proper trial to prove their guilt! It was rather ho-hum until I read what that idiot of the dribbler speaks....


fergie said...

He Kevin, I haven't listened to the radio for ages. Thanx for update. Aiyo, have you visited Sloone's blog lately? So many "crude" n I mean REALLY crude comments. I left a comment and kena taruh .. was called a zombie-like Anwar follower or something and liked to some character in Dr Who ... hahahaha .. I think the virus in your article is dormant in EVERY BN member and very easily activated .. no need for a scientist to activate. I am also very concerened about RPK and now the Negarakuku guy summoned by Peace Hill .. not so peaceful after all. Already apologised and old case .. why action taken now? Lack of crimes to solve ah?

Malaysian Joe said...


There are still hardcore BN flers out there... and they can raise a ruckus with their crude remarks and picking on an odd article here and there to support their cause at home... but we must be clear where we are headed... I will definitely still give my backing to the government if they display ability to run the country fairly and seen to be implementing ideas to take the economy of the country to another level. But, sad to say, BN has failed to do so and with the PM's inability to keep the wayward, rude and obnoxious big bro in check, he has lost all credibility in ensuring that the country has one direction.

I was not an ardent Anwar fan from the start... maybe I can be considered at best a convert and at worst, a person with no where to turn to.. but of late he has been pulling the right tone, the right words and the right direction. With the state our country is in today, I have no qualms whatsoever to give him an opportunity to prove his salt. After all, what could get more worse than ISA, floundering economy, racist pigs running free and loose.. corrupted officials wantonly screwing the people, police behaving more thuggish than thugs.. what security have we got? what economy have we? what future have we?

With nothing much more to lose, I don't give a damn no more... I am more than willing to give the other party a chance and if they prove they can right the wrong.. then I guess they will have a longer mandate...

Looking at this idiot now talking like a crazed man, one cannot help but wonder if the entire BN have the same makeup of their god-like belief that they are indestructible?

Anonymous said...

Humph! I dun even know that that radio channel exist. LOL... I must be living in a planet somewhere.

Fergie, they not lack of crime to solve... punggung gatallah... wanna cari pasal with people everywhere. Wat to do they too terrer liao.