Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to Business

The long drawn saga of a major signing for Manchester United came to a delirious end yesterday when they concluded the one transfer they have been pursuing for a long long time. Signed and delivered minutes before the transfer window closes.... came this man


For all the good and the bad he carries, he is now a Red Devil. Why Sir Alex is so passionate about this man, we are about to find out. I do not think Sir Alex casted his sights far for a signing this season, but I would have liked them to sign a new right back asap. While Wes Brown seem to have moved into the slot well but he lacks the penetrating runs and crosses that Gazza gives to Man Utd when he plays... anyway... back to this man, Berbatov...

He sulked his way out of White Hart Lane... and he joined Spurs most famous Judas at Old Trafford... Rio Ferdinand... I guess, we are Spurs's biggest enemy at this moment... haha...

I am sure Berba won't be a dud of a buy by Sir Alex. For 30.75million pounds, he better not be... but I still find him a more complete finisher than Ruud van Nistelrooy. No doubt Ruud is the best finisher in the box but Berba is complete in the sense that he can create and finish better. Certainly with his ability to be the magnet of a point man, this gives the player who plays the rabbit, in this case its either Rooney or Tevez, the space required for them to weave their magic. It will definitely be a different Manchester United this season. For better or for worse.. they will be different.

Now, lets look at what bungling Rafa is doing at Liverpool... all these seasons, he has done ONE right thing. Buying Fernando Torres.... but in Albert Riera he has at his disposal a good winger but knowing him.. shifting and changing... I am glad that Rafa is still at the helm of the Scousers... they will be going ABSOLUTELY NO-WHERE.

How bout Arsene at Marseille of Britain? Not too good as well... his defence is a suspect... but I like Samir Nasri arguably a fine talent but much will depend on the availability of Van Persie and Adebayor and their scoring form.

Chelsea? They may start sulking soon as they are no longer the moneybags in Premier League. They may be okay for the next couple of seasons until we hand some walking sticks to their star oldies... :).

The new moneybags??? Manchester City? Are they going to rename the team Dubai City? Like Fergie says, this is one team that wants to play football with 11 strikers. Well, good luck to them. Thats what you get when you have owners who do not understand football. They first got a hot air bag in Thaksin.. now they have the sheikh.. well good luck to them. But, I have great respect for Mark Hughes as a manager, I think he will do a great job there with the kind of money at his disposal.

Club in crisis... Keegan sacked... not sacked... resigned... staying.. geez.. Magpies are forever in crisis. A good team but with such boardroom problems, relegation seem to be the only option for them.


fergie said...

City have "moneybags" and what do we have? I whole load of debts .. why the heck sold out to Glaziers!!! I haven't seen their faces around recently, have you? I, too, have great respect for Mark Hughes. "Back to business" means we face Liverpool away next .. hehe .. Berba looks like a film star :) As for Wes Brown .. I get jittery watching him sometimes. Thanx for the article, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kevin, I only know that football is bulat. Lain cerita, saya tarak tau.LOL... but I'm gonna leave a comment here also, becoz I'm depressed and feel like yakking, and this is probably the only place i can yak without getting fucked off.'re always very kind to me with my yakking, Kevin.

Malaysian Joe said...

hahaha... you mean... you got that yakking elsewhere? Well, make yourself feel at home here.. :).