Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend's Biggie!

I was thinking to myself this morning when I saw this:


I was like... WOW! Yeah, I did not watch the match coz I cannot bring myself to wake up after a hectic day at work to watch another substandard performance dished out by the English squad. But my... am kicking myself for not waking up to watch one of England's most scintillating performance for a long long time.

Theo Walcott? Wayne Rooney? Scorers? Walcott's hattrick? That will probably make Mr. Wanker a man pleased as HELL! Sorry... my bad.. Mr. Wenger. Has Fabio Capello found the better than Beckham on the right in Walcott?

I have always said that the only problem with England is that they must never play Gerarrd and Lampard together. But I must say, England was fabulous last night and I think the credit should go to Mr. Fabulous Capello for turning the team around to have more self belief as individuals and more cohesion as a team even with Calamity James in goal.

Ahhh.. small talk.. small talk... my main aim of today's write is about this weekend's biggie of biggie! After doing a double on them last season, Manchester United..... yeah... the famous Red Devils play our eternal rivals Liverpool at Anfield. The concern here is Manchester United has a history of poor start to a season as well as being poor after a mid-week international assignment by their players. They have Brown, Rio, Rooney, Vidic, Fletcher and Nani involved in midweek.. well at the top of my head at least, I really wonder if they are up to it for the trip to Anfield. It will be an interesting battle and am getting my popcorn ready for this biggie. No other match in the Premier League is bigger than the battle of these two although other battle at a later stage could be of greater significance but a fixture of Man Utd v Liverpool, be it at Old Trafford or Anfield or anywhere for that matter is the biggest for me and this season is no different...


fergie said...

U r sooooo right, Kevin! Remember last season we dropped to what .. mid-table? Then we clawed our way up to win the trophy by the skin of our teeth .. looks like it'll be the same this season. Apa Rooney good at providing balls .. our future Scholsey???? Wah early kick-off ah on Sat? Don't think Utd like early kick-offs :( Anyway, 2 armchair managers here .. my son n I if his friend doesn't join us.

Anonymous said...

=.= the only bola that I know is probably those fish and sotong and chicken balls. hahaha... I really have no idea about kaki bola's stuff. :-P

fergie said...

Hami la .. I left comment on Clef's blog and she is over here .. hahaha .. I know it's so nice hanging out here isn't it? I am beginning to feel real at home here. Hope Kevin doesn't mind. My other hangout is at Kerp's and Tehsin's .. also Cikgu "katataknak" (another Utd supporter) :) Clef, have u gone to the Ramadhan Bazaar yet? I've never been to one.

Malaysian Joe said...

ooo.. kata tak nak is an MU supporter??? hehehe... well, I do not hang out at Kerp's but I do read Tehsin's blog often.. :).

Fergie, Rooney is good as the rabbit, hence I believe with Berba as the front man, he will be more effective. That brings out another question.. where to slot Tevez? Sigh... They may consider Roon for Scholesy as you say?

Cleffy, you can learn to be a footie fan. Fergie and myself would 'ease' you into it.. :). Balls aint that hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

LOL =.= I cannot tengok bola. =.= everytime i tengok bola, the bola end up tengok me because I will fall asleep after a few minutes. I also dono why. Hunky Spaniards duzzin help too. :-(

Yeah... I've been to the bazaar. Bought ayam golek. haha... but the chicken expensive lah. :-( Rm11 for half bird.

Malaysian Joe said...

I say... bola is a very interesting game... you have 22 players chasing one ball with 3 men in black running up and down trying to avoid the ball... 50,000 to 100,000 people go wild when the ball hit the net.. and they get mad when one kicked the other... its nice drama!