Monday, September 8, 2008

Flying Frogs....

49MPs... will leave for Taiwan!

The entourage is expected to carry out a detailed study of Taiwan's state-of-the-art agricultural programmes.

Bung said their schedule included visiting factories to study Taiwan's agricultural sector and derive knowledge from the methods used in enhancing local farming and cultivation techniques.

"Taiwan is an ideal location for the MPs to gain understanding on high-tech equipments and technologies, needed in improving Malaysia's agricultural industry," he said.

Gee... if one is studying agricultural technologies, isn't it better for Agriculture ministry to go together with all the other agricultural agencies?

And of all the places..... Taiwan... I think if Ahmad Ismail finds out about this he will froth in the mouth I tell you... coz its the land of squatters!

Question is what will happen to the frogs in the 49? Are there no frogs in the 49?

Now, if you people have watched the Terminator series... one would like to believe that what BN is doing is just to postpone the inevitable... which will happen anyhow. They cannot stop the inevitable. It has to happen.. and it all boils down to the question of WHEN.

Now, many in the ruling party are prone to believe Anwar when he said Sept 16... that is the date circled over and over again as the date BN be damned... but can't many think that that could be the date of the start of the inevitable rather than the Event day of the inevitable itself? Hmmm.... well, frogs... have a good trip to Taiwan... we know you cannot blow your cover just yet. Hop when you get back ya?


Anonymous said...

Eh? I thought it's 50 frogs? 49 only ah? Damn The Star, always give wrong info. Humph... they're rushing to send the frogs away so that the frogs cannot jump... but i think it'll be useless, don't you, Kevin? They cannot stop what is inevitable nor they can regain the citizen's trust that they badly trampled!

Malaysian Joe said...

well, just one less.. ;).

What is more worrisome is the sandiwara that is on-going in Penang. I will be worried if the racist bigot continue his tirade and MCA and Gerakan play along with it, it will be bad.