Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Goose Chase?

First they planned a hasty trip to Taiwan for an agricultural trip... next they send them home ahead of time... and make statements as "some may extend their stay.. etc..etc.." and they claim that they are not trying to scupper the plan of Anwar Ibrahim to form government on 916. OMG!

After PR announced that they are sending a team to Taiwan, you have these mofos saying that some are returning... HERE.

TAIPEI, Sept 12 The four dozen Malaysian MPs who are on an -agriculture- tour of Taiwan will officially end their trip tomorrow, and some of them had already left for home, said lawmaker Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, who organised the trip.

Their return would blunt any excuse by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if he is not able to deliver on his promise to topple the government through crossovers by Tuesday because some of the potential defector MPs were in Taiwan.

As the deadline looms, four leaders from Anwar's Parti Keadilan Rakyat are expected to travel to Taiwan today to meet the MPs, said party strategist Saifuddin Nasution.

Tiong, chairman of the ruling Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club, said: -Officially, our tour finishes on Sept 13. In fact, about five to six MPs had already gone back on Wednesday.-

But wait.. five or six has already returned? Who are they? I am sure as the organizer Tiong should know who had gone back... So, these were not scheduled? Wanna send the PKR delegation on a wild goose chase?

-So there is still time to Sept 16,- he told The Straits Times yesterday in an interview.

However, he was quick to add: -But I cannot rule out that some of them may want to extend their stay by one or two days.-

But he said he did not know about any MPs making such plans, even though personally he is planning a private trip to China and possibly Vietnam before heading home.

They are expected to spend the remaining days meeting agricultural officials in the capital.

The Straits TimesNow, it gets interesting... the MPs are no longer in Taiwan... they could be anywhere! But is the trip officially over??? The news report was dated 12th and they are expected to spend the remaining DAYS meeting agricultural officials in the capital??? Some have gone back? Then? They need not be in the meeting? So... they were there for pleasure trip? Is that it?

Come on lar... wanna tell a lie make the story more complete! Purleeze....


Anonymous said...

They should actually come and learn how to tell stories like me. LMAO....

I saw one of the MP's pic, and he's carrying a golf bag with him. of course they went there for pleasure trip, unless of course, they are using gold club to cangkul the ground!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

this is not only a wild goose chase but a childish prank. wanna form a new govt.....neh neh neh neh not in malaysia. im in taiwan.....or not!!! *bler* you cannot catch me.....wei!!! you bloody blood suckers, this is not a game man!!! this is malaysia's future. if i had some sort of super strength, ive already sent these mofos out of the planet.....*extends middle finger**

Malaysian Joe said...

golf clubs as changkul! thats a good one for these mofos... calvin, I think I am like you.. lost for words..

Anonymous said...

LMAO... Calvin, I agree with you. Grown men are reduced to spoil rotten brats...with the country at stake, and let me join you with the middle finger thing, Calvin.*show middle finger!*

Now, excuse me while I continue to be a pig! It's weekend, duh!

Malaysian Joe said...

I need to find a pic of a really extended middle finger to depict our heartfelt emotion as to the current state of affairs...