Friday, September 12, 2008

In Solidarity with RPK

Haris Ibrahim has this to say.. HERE.

And I wish to echo what Michelle has pleaded in his RPK - In Solidarity.

A message that I have been saying all these while... Umno and BN are forcing our hand to demonstrate so that they will have a reason to let history of May 13, 1969 repeat itself, but I agree and would echo the call of Haris and all like minded Malaysians.. Zorro has something on this too at his website HERE.

Keep our heads folks! Let us not do what these people want us to do! Let us not take to the streets! Let not our hearts rule our actions...

In Haris's words,

People, do not play into the hands of the authorities.

Let’s not knee-jerk.

If we are going to do any vigils or peaceful demonstrations, let these be planned.

Will keep you posted on these, if any.

What I can tell you is that Pakatan Rakyat is holding a Hari Malaysia celebration on 15th September, 2008 at the Kelana Jaya stadium to commemorate 45 years of the formation of Malaysia, since 1963. The event starts at 8pm.

We are going to utilise that event to show solidarity with RPK.

Statement from ALIRAN in solidarity with RPK.

Statement from SUARAM/GMI in solidarity with RPK.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I truly believed that they just want to shut him up. Obviously Raja Petra knows more things that is probably the truth and the gov wanna hide it from the citizens. :-(

OMg,I'm so blur... better get some sleep. have a nice weekend, Kevin. Have fun with your missus and kids. :-D

fergie said...

Aiyo .. my weekend spoilt la! You n Clef enjoy yours ok? The mad cows abolutely abusing their power n that DSAI shud have kept his operations covert .. warn them this is what happens. Now the cows r gradually silencing our messengers of hope! GGrrrrrrrr....INJUSTICE!!!!! Mad cows shud be put down that's all I have to say! Ka liao siow lang chiak pa siow eng!!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

after much talking, complaining and saliva wastage about these mofos....this is what i have to say....KANASAI!!!!!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

had my weekend cut short... I am sick and angry at the stupidity that occured over the last 24 hours... moodless to do anything else and I think only Man Utd can save my wretched weekend. calvin, you can do better than kanasai.. :).

Anonymous said...

My weekend is a disaster. *sigh* I have so much to complain, but I'll shut up now and save it for Monday. LOL.