Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DNA Samples Anyone (The Sequel) II

One may wonder why The Sequel got II some more... here is I and The Sequel.

Well, after all that DNA Bill issue, I really wondered what were the problems with it and I found the answer in Malaysiakini.

DNA Bill: Why the fuss?

Under the proposed Section 7, the home minister is empowered to appoint a senior police officer to head the Forensic DNA Databank.

Meanwhile, Selayang MP Willam Leong said under Section 10, the home minister is empowered to give "directions" to the head of the DNA Databank.
"This section offends the principle because the minister is given the power to interfere with the exercise of the powers of the head of DNA databank," said Leong.

Section 25 states that no action or prosecution can be brought in any court against the minister or any DNA Databank personnel in respect of "any act, neglect, default or omission done by him in good faith".

Section 13, which deals with the collection of non-intimate samples such as scalp hair, buccal swabs and saliva, "a police officer may use all means necessary for the purpose of taking of a non-intimate sample".

Another controversial clause states that "any information from the DNA Databank shall be admissible as conclusive proof" of DNA identification in any court proceedings.

When these facts are before anyone for that matter... it really looks like REAL BAD LAW to me. In fact I would see this as a prelude to a case whereby, ANYONE who seem to threaten the position of the government or some big wigs in government, they could be conveniently slapped with sodomy.

Why? DNA Databank is helmed by someone "appointed" by the Home Minister and their data can be conclusive evidence... mind you.. even if they SCREW UP big time, you cannot sue them. Bottom line is.... the Home Minister is KING... so if you do not wish to be charged with sodomy.. you better be buddy buddy with the Home Minister.

By the way he is the Consultant General for any would be "sodomy victims" He is available for consultation at his home.... even if you are a DROPOUT (its a policy of no discrimination).... a scholarship for you could be incentive enough for you to be a "sodomy victim".


Anonymous said...

DNA law is another thing that is so screwed up. Actually I feel that none of them made an effort to consult with the professionals in genetic studies. They seems to know nothing on how DNA supposed to function in court proceedings and how it's supposed to be handled. Well, that explains why they can claim Anwar's DNA samples are 'too old' last time. Soooo clever!

Malaysian Joe said...

They have an agenda... its not that they are stupid.