Monday, September 22, 2008

Say NO to National Service

Although I had not written much about this for a long time, it does not mean I am in favour of NS. The numerous deaths at NS itself warrant the whole NS to be suspended until they can guarantee the safety and well being of the children entrusted to them.

Parents should not be compelled to send their kids to NS camps! It should be made on a voluntary basis! And NO, I do not wish for this sort of stories to surface again next year. HERE. Wonder if the DPM knows how much money was spent to raise a child from birth to 18 years of age and that it takes a dirty camp and brainless camp administrator to take one's life away... and if that is not enough, they normally come up with right down lame excuse on why the child dies... I guess drowning in toilet is one that I can never comprehend.... and no amount of money can help the family recoup back the child they lost and the 18 years spent only for the careless government to take his/her life away...

Our DPM talked about Zero Death. But I have yet to see them announce nor implement any steps to ensure Zero Deaths at NS Camps nationwide.

Mr. DPM, until you can prove to Malaysians that NS Camps are totally safe and that your instructors are human enough to recognize that the participants are children and not conscripts, you MUST give the parent the option of whether to send their kids there.

There should be NO compulsion



cleffairy said...

SAY NO TO NS, yes, indeed. This is one of the issue I've been contemplating to write about. I have a sister who is taking her SPM this year, and I really dread it if she is asked to go to NS.

Zero death my ass... the bloody asshole of a DPM care about Zero death? I'm surprised, coming from the mouth of a person to have supposedly C4 a young lady to death. Methinks that that feller dun even care about any of those NS trainees, what more their sickness and welfare. He probably just wish to turn those youngters into some fighting zombie holding M16.

Youngsters being thought on how to shoot a M16... I am not surprised that there are many robberies involving youngsters!

I was very relieved when my sis told me that she did not get the NS letter. So damn pleased! To tell you the truth, if i was her age and forced to go for NS, I'll instantly opt to get married and get pregnant asap instead, just to avoid the bloody training. Did you hear, girls are raped every now and then in NS by trainers and whatnot? Buzz off NS bastards.

Malaysian Joe said...

I am worried as by the time our kids do go for NS, we (parents) would be too old to "reproduce" if a "catastrophe" happens... LOL... anyway, touch wood, I would like PR to take over and bury NS for good.