Thursday, September 11, 2008

Toyol .. Another Ahmad Ismail in the making....?

Here and Here and Here....

(The Sun) - Former Selangor mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and an Utusan Malaysia journalist have been given seven days to retract accusations against Kinrara state assemblywoman Teresa Kok and to apologise to her.

Kok said she had been accused of having told a mosque in Kota Damasara to do away with loud speakers during the azan (morning call for prayers) as it was a disruption to some people living in the area.

"These are preposterous allegations that state that I had gone to the mosque early in the morning to tell them not to use the loud speakers, and that I had written on behalf of the residents to Seri Serdang state assemblyman Datuk Satim Diman to ask him for assistance," she said.

"Why would I write to Satim, who is an opposition member, when I can easily approach the state executive councillors here, like Datuk Hassan Ali, to resolve the issue?"

And they tell us Umno is not racist when their leaders LIE wantonly... these are the words that the MSM pick up as the holy grail to bait ignorant Malays who would foam in the mouth at the very mention that their religion is under siege.

Excerpts from Malaysiakini

In the Utusan report, Khir was reported to have urged the opposition Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government not to concede to purported moves by “a certain party” to disallow azans (calls for prayers) emanating from loudspeakers of mosques in Puchong and Kota Damansara.

Khir also lamented that “while we practice freedom of religion, members of a certain religion celebrate to the extent that roads are closed, Muslims do not protest.”

Well, I guess he can claim he was "misquoted" and words were taken out of context again? This is not the first time actually, I think even in my blog which is about 5 months old may have documented at least once where he behaved like a mad cow.... now, that brings me to Cleffy's blog which talks about the cows in the farm as well as RPK's analysis of mad cow phenomenon afffecting certain cows in Penang. I think he must be alarmed that the disease has found its way to Selangor! The antidote is Sept 16th and it must be administered ASAP!


cleffairy said...

Eh? That one mad cow ar? I thought that one is toyol? Some sort of err... ghost?

Hmm... even the toyol are affected by the mad cow disease. Tsk tsk tsk. See la, they never quarantine the affected cows from Bukit Bendera. See now what happened? The disease fly on airasia and landed in Selangor oredi! *sigh*

Why la, why? Why dowan to slaughter those cows? See la, Pak Dollah! You dowan to slaughter cows with mad cows disease summore! Now it only fly to Selangor, wud's next? Later spread to the whole country, you know?

fergie said...

Toyol another Ahmad I in the making? I read Ancient Mariner's (Capt. Yusof) blog yesterday and he thinks it may be the Malay/Muslim psyche. Mad cow disease only affects mamaks issit? Aiyo .. some more started in Penang .. shucks! TGIF .. Have a great weekend, Kevin & Clef!

Malaysian Joe said...

Most Mamaks are like parasites.... but I am not generalizing... neither am I blaming them for behaving as one. Look, they are a small community and the only one way for them to do it is to leech on the boisterous majority.

You care to speculate if BN loses power who else will they leech onto?

cleffairy said...

Leechers, leechers are everywhere. Probably these mamaks will turn into a frog and jump over to the Dark Side. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

Well, leeches do not stick to a dead carcass....