Friday, September 5, 2008

BN... STOP... Insulting our Intelligence

BN has in the past, insulted our intelligence by telling us really tall tales.... the tales nowadays are laced with special effects.. so much so, people (majority of Malaysian Public that is.. as I do not wished to be labelled generalizing some people who are "hard core" BN apologists) puke at the tales that are shoved down our throats.... why? Because its of truly poor and tasteless quality.

Lately, their phobia of the Sept 16 takeover by Pakatan has spawned soooo many talks... most of them pooh pooh-ing the idea saying its just pipe dream.. while others go around gather "loyalty pledge". The upper echelon personnel would abuse the Special Branch to send officers to "spy" on the would be frogs... I guess this is as much as we man in the street see... probably the tip of the iceberg.. but since yesterday, in their earnest effort to scupple the Sept 16 time bomb.. they came up with an ingenious idea INDEED! Hey, lets pack these mofos off to a trip.. when we are there we shall show them the rewards at the end of the rainbow!

WOW... then we call it "Lawatan sambil belajar... errr for the sake of budget debate so that we can argue more intelligently." From one corner, you hear a voice asking, "Where la? When la? How long la?" Then the genius replied, "Well, we do not know when or where or what to do YET! But this as much as I promise you... the pot at the end of the rainbow! Geddit? Just give us your freaking passports!!!" Then this goon stood to add, "This is not a ploy to stop you guys from jumping ship.. honest... its a "beneficial" trip! Lets not care what the others say, its just a co-incident that it co-incides with the Sept 16 date mooted... co-incidence like the sodomy report and investigation as too with the announcement of fuel price reduction and much much more.. they are all CO-INCIDENCES! Nothing more.. nothing less."

The stories HERE and HERE. C4 Join in the talk as well.. HERE.

The butt of the joke..

"We do not know where we are going yet, but it will be country where advanced equipments are used in agriculture. We have identified several locations but we are still waiting for their response," said Tiong.

He asserted it was better for parliamentarians rather than civil servants to go on such study trips as MPs could transfer the knowledge they have gathered to the farmers more effectively.

The second bolded lines are real jewel of speech from an IDIOT with no idea of what he is talking. Parliamentarians could transfer the knowledge... I have refrained from using profanities in the past... but.. FUCK YOU.. POLITICIANS TRANSFER KNOWLEDGE???

Sometimes I wonder if they still think Malaysians are that stupid... Come on la.. BN, you want to have a wayang with good special effects do it more professionally la... why must we Malaysians be treated to E Grade wayang? Stop insulting our intelligence... It will not insult our intelligence if you admit that you all are hopeless and stupid then maybe we will understand the stupidity that was put on show... If thats the case then we (rakyat) feel that we are paying good money for E Grade wayang and we all now want you guys....... FIRED!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Kevin, have you heard? Gerakan is morphing into a katak now. Wonder if the transformation will be complete by Sept 16?

Malim Deman said...

Lawat-lawat, mereka nih tak tau pakai googgle cari informasi kah?
Habis je duit rakyat!

Malaysian Joe said...

clef... yes, my dad has been telling me stories from Gerakan up north but the leaders are still apprehensive... due to the hammering they received the last time round, they may become an insignificant party.. its all about retaining power and money but the grassroots are restless.

Malim, dier orang nih... dah bengkrap idea dah.. mana tau, mereka ni semuer lari teruih tak balik dah lepas Sept 16 nih..

Anonymous said...

Malim...yalah...diorang ni kolot sikit, tak reti nak guna google. Must go and experienced everything LIVE. :-S Rupa-rupanya, situlah perginya duit income tax kita.

Kevin, it's always about power and money, isn't it? When the kataks jumps out, we can all be prepared to see ACA and ISA peeps in action.*sigh*

Wonder who will go after Pak Dollah and his entire farm once he's not the head of the farm anymore? Or issit they can't after him because he'll be migrating somewhere else to get involve in other indutry... say... like nasi lemak restaurant?

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef, unfortunately, yes, its all about money. But the good thing is, money making the old way would no longer be tolerated. Any wrongdoings from now will be scrutinized and will be evaluated in the next general election.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the rakyat!