Friday, September 12, 2008

Ops Lalang?

Is this the beginning?

Dailies being issued show cause letter.... weren't all these expected? Sin Chew for the bigot's case... The Sun for playing up "sensitive issues" and Suara Keadilan for claiming IGP was paralyzed...

Gosh! Is the issue of IGP now be equated to "menghina"?

I have been reading The Sun.. yeah.. although I boycotted MSM, I read The Sun not only because it is free, its because I find its reporting pretty fair but I have never once found them playing up sensitive issues. I really wonder why they did not send one show cause letter to Utusan for playing up Toyol's claims?

Just because you have to suspend one maggot from your party, you are now venting your anger at Sin Chew? Botak.... your maggot did not apologize and he did not regret what he said and I think he is right! Lets send ALL the pendatangs back from where they came... Botak.. you included.

UPDATES!! 2.25pm 12/9/08

Was I right that its the start of OPS LALANG again?

RPK arrested under ISA!

On Sept 6, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had warned the 58-year-old editor of popular news portal Malaysia Today could be charged under the ISA for comments allegedly insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

The groups complained his comment in an article entitled "I Promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim" allegedly used sentences that insulted Muslims.

So which is which? He insulted Islam or he insulted Muslims?

After what they announced yesterday on the lifting of ban on Malaysia Today. HERE.

This was what RPK said.. “I'm always suspicious of their next move. There is always a hidden agenda," he said when contacted.

I think his suspicion is valid....

Malaysianjoe says, "I wonder if Ahmad Ismail should be the first instead of RPK?"


fergie said...

Just saw your comment @ din merican's. Heart-rending la what the authorities are doing. So blatantly challenging the rakyat! I doubt the existence of God but I believe in Karma ..sometimes we see immediate effect but sometime the effect comes later. Now DSAI has postponed 916 .. sigh .. I see the mountain is going to Mohammed (in Taiwan). I can't for the life of me see what greater wrong RPK has done compared to that Mad Cow AI can you? I read MT EVERY day :) I read that the PM has to sign for an ISA arrest .. true? The mad cow disease is spreading!!!!! Stuck here in Penang I feel so helpless la. Tak boleh tolong .. sighhhh

Malaysian Joe said...

There is no other way to stop the madness except that to have a change in the government so as to bring some sanity back to the country.

fergie said...

Not so easy to change a govt that's been in power for 51 years. The whole bunch of them need rehabilitation. Under ISA RPK can't even defend himself .. what bullshit! I have read comments insulting other religions .. that's OK???? To HELL with them .. I am soooooo MAD!!! Utd better WIN tomoro!!! I also Anfield Devotee's blog but have NEVER left a comment .. hahahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

hahaha... fergie, this is the world, they can insult, we can't. they can be racist, we can't. they can be corrupted, we can't. they can lie, we can't. they can blow people up, we can't.

cleffairy said...

*sigh* Finally got home and was greeted with RPK's arrest. Why can't they slaughter the cow first instead of arresting RPK? Walao! Kanasai assholes! They really kena Mad Cow disease la. Dunno how to tink properly! Argh. :-(

You're right kevin, those assholes can do whatever they want because they have the power to do so and is capable enough to escape whatever punishment that is coming! :-(

Malaysian Joe said...

Mad cows everywhere!!!!