Monday, September 15, 2008

The Stakes are Getting.. Dirtier...

Can the fair minded Malaysians please stand up and tell these mofos that there is no place under the sun for such narrow minded talks about everything special... two muslim groups purportedly defended the arrest of Teresa Kok. To them its justified, because the request to lower the volume of the early morning lectures is akin to deprieving them of their rights to their religion. HERE.

Despite the fact that the Mosques concerned in Kota Damansara and the one in Kinrara has stated that Teresa Kok was not involved! Then you have two "groups" - PPIM and Pewaris making such incredulous statements...

“Matters such as these should be viewed seriously because, if ignored, they could incite hatred in the people, especially the Malays, because their special position has often been disputed by certain quarters,” PPIM secretary-general Dr Ma’amor Osman was quoted as saying yesterday.

“Azans are among the 'syiar' (symbols) of Islam, and she was trying to change or influence the this syiar of Islam,” he said.

When pointed out that the petition by the residents near Bandar Kinrara were not against the azans per se but the religious lectures, Ma’mor said this does not make a difference as both azans and religious lectures are “syiars” of Islam.

“Don’t touch the syiars of Islam at all,” he said.

Let me simplify all that....

You ask: Can touch?
They answer: Cannot...
You ask: this one can?
They answer: Cannot...
You ask: How bout that one? Can?
They answer: Cannot... All cannot touch!

Yet we have the mufti of Perlis, speak of this HERE.

So, do we trust a bunch of blood hounds? Since that they are in numbers, they seem more credible right? Or do we believe a Mufti.. a legal scholar of high standing? Who speaks of matters pretty much acceptable to a sane mind?

Ketika ditemui di Damansara Kim sebentar tadi, Dr Asri berkata, Islam dibina dari hujah dan dasar yang jelas, dan Islam juga tidak memerlukan ISA untuk membela ajarannya.

"Jadi tidak ada alasan untuk menahan orang dengan tidak memberi peluang membela diri. Ini adalah satu tindakan yang salah. Sekiranya orang itu mempunyai kesalahan dari segi hukum agama, buktikan dari segi dalil-dalil agama.

"Cara kita tangkap orang guna ISA atas kesalahan agama tidak akan menghilangkan salahfaham terhadap Islam. Seharusnya diperjelaskan dulu apa kesalahan itu. Kalau misalnya orang itu menghina Islam atau menyeleweng, buktikan dulu berdasarkan Quran dan hadis.

"Perlu diperdengarkan pertuduhan itu kepada orang yang dituduh itu. Mungkin juga, ia hanya satu salah faham. Yang penting perdengarkan dulu hujahnya," kata Mufti yang terkenal dengan kelantangannya mengeluarkan idea yang berani dan telus itu.

Kata Dr Asri lagi, "Islam bukan agama yang bacul. Perbuatan ISA kerana kesalahan agama seolah-olah menggambarkan orang Islam tidak mampu berhujah, terus tangkap orang. Mereka akan kata mereka benar kerana kita takut berhujah dengan dia."

Beliau juga turut mengingatkan betapa bahayanya tindakan ISA.

"Sekiranya ada aliran-aliran tertentu dalam kerajaan yang tidak setuju dengan pendapat satu aliran yang lain, adakah ruang ISA juga akan digunakan? Pernah berlaku dalam kerajaan Abbasiyah yang berpegang pada aliran Muktazilah ketika itu. Dia menghukum orang daripada aliran lain termasuk Imam-imam besar seperti Imam Ahmad juga turut dihukum.

"Kalau di zaman ini, mereka yang kendalikan agama itu dari aliran lain maka mereka yang dari aliran lain itu akan dihukum tanpa memberi peluang membela diri. Ini juga tidak sejajar dengan konsep keadilan dalam Islam," kata Dr Asri lagi.

I hope the people at Pewaris and PPIM who claimed themselves to be Muslims to re-confirm their thoughts with a Mufti on whether what they say is in line with what their religion is all about.


fergie said...

It's Monday so not confined to your 3G phone, eh, Kev? Wah, your BM very good la. Me "old school" .. left for overseas after LCE (but lazybones here didn't achieve much) .. very limited my BM .. nanti kena kicked back to China die lo. Everyone wants a piece of you when you're down .. some more CANNOT question .. wah fierce lah! Perlis mufti very intelligent and talks sense. Others react over-emotionally .. like a MOB! Our Clef still out for the count ah? hahahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

Err.. hehe.. maybe I shld do a translation for those who would like to know what it was in english?

No la... my BM cukup makan aje...

Anonymous said...

LOL... I cannot sleep lah. Again. I'm more pro than those politicians... can stay awake reading their rubbish soap opera drama. :-P

I see tis article.... at least the mufti got use his brain la, compare to the rest of those blokes. Kudos to the mufti.

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleffy, you are having insomnia of sorts?

Anonymous said...

*sobs* only when I curi curi drink my hubby's coffee... :-( I am not a coffee person...take coffee, it'll be disaster.