Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Uncouth or Brainless?

I don't know bout you guys, but I am pretty fed up with all the lame statements dished out by our politicians. PKR included.

My PC broke down on eve of Merdeka and wifey conveniently "told" me to stay off the box for the holidays... and with tail between my legs I quietly comply but not without keeping up with the news on my tiny box in hand. Then again I thought, its difficult to blog on those tiny buttons so I tried to be a good daddy and husband by giving my family a good weekend!

Still at the back of my head, I am deeply troubled. First was the PKR's Zulkifli Nordin issue. Yes, PKR disciplinary committee has issued him a letter but to date, no action has been taken nor an inquiry in place to get a statement out from him as to his "unruly" behaviour during the BAR Council forum on religious issue some time back. He disappeared and reappeared and till now no action has been taken. Rest assured, Zulkifli will NOT be getting the votes of my dad and all my friends back in Kulim next time round. If PKR chose inaction, I think it will be to the detriment of their image as it will make them looks just as UMNO as their UMNO counterparts. To a certain extent, it will be worse! As the composition of PKR being a Malaysian party, the other Malaysians would be seen doing nothing to punish a wayward member.

On the other hand, UMNO has this wonderful defender of Malay, by the name of Ahmad something ( I guess his name is not worth remembering as he makes truly stupid statements) who goes about during the past PP by-election calling non-Malays as SQUATTERS of this country. But suffice to say, the action by AAB is indeed deafening. "Please do not make these statements in future." hardly sound convincing that its an action. Then again, these are the statements we EXPECT to come out of UMNO and BN. We all know AAB is NOT a PM for all Malaysians... from long long ago. We EXPECTED these statements to come out from them. We expected BN to NOT take action. We expect them to continue to encourage these people from making uncouth gestures and statements. That is the reason we wanted to CHANGE... and if PKR and Anwar Ibrahim for that matter must be SEEN in action and not just to mouth rhethorics on a Malaysia that transcends racial and religious boundaries, they need to be seen ACTING and not mere lip service!

We have celebrated out 51st Anniversary as an Independent country, lets move forward and meet the global challenge as one race rather as fragmented group of people. I have hopes that our children will grow up and will still be able to have a country to call their own.


Anonymous said...

Kevin...it's a blessing in disguise la, actually. You get to spend time with your family instead of bitching about ridiculous things that goes wrong in msia.

Since your HD kapoot, let me know if you need technical assistant or servicing. my hubby promised to give discount to my readers. LMAO.

fergie said...

hahahaha .. Kevin ... I loved the way u said "tail between my legs" .. I can just imagine the "running dogs" with their tail between their legs!!! Uncouth or brainless??? Both, I would say. These are supposed to be the leaders of the country .. what examples are they setting for the youth of tomorrow!!!! Makes me sick!!!!! I see we finally got Berba at an exhorbitant price .. who the heck is the financial controller of Utd????? Better get u to manage their finances la :)

Malaysian Joe said...

Man United are known to buy players at exhorbitant prices. When you are wanted by United... your value goes up by 4-5 million pounds.

I am still doubting if Berba is a good choice esp with Frazier Campbell moving the other way on loan.. I quite like the combatting Campbell...

Cleffy... its okay.. my hdd is up and running again.. sigh shld have asked earlier.. then maybe get a better discount! hehe... don't worry, I will be looking for a new PC soon... gonna relegate my current one to my kids.