Thursday, September 18, 2008

Come On Abdullah

As Malaysians who love their country, they would want stability and progress for their country. They would want to ensure that there is certainty and that if there isn't one, they would endeavour to find a solution to it soonest possible.

Malaysia has been mired in political uncertainty for the last 6 months but if one were to analyze the cause, it can be drilled down to the incompetent government that has been running the country. This has given rise to a legitimate claim by the opposition that the government is incapable of steering the country out of the racial divide and economic doldrums. We are neither sure if the opposition are more capable of doing it, but the fact that they have provided Malaysians now with a viable alternative and even if they did not win the last General Election, the prevailing sentiments is that after 6 months, many wanted to change their minds to give the opposition a chance. This was manifested by way of a claim by the opposition that they have enough to oust the current administration.

Lies! Lies! Lies! Cried the the administration. But look, the other side has given the administration AMPLE opportunities to call the bluff. And at all given opportunities the administration has refused to call the bluff. Most recently Anwar has thrown the biggest dare yet by asking the PM to call for an Emergency Sitting on the 23rd September. Naturally the chorus that comes out from PM was a vehement NO.

Understandable.. I mean who wants to call for a meeting to have his own arse whooped? On the other hand, you have been saying Anwar has been lying all these while and this is the most opportune time for you to call his bluff. Yet you chose to answer in the most irresponsible manner citing that the next sitting is 13th October which is 21 days away. Mr. PM, if one of your children say... "papa... grandpapa looks like he has a heart attack!" would you say, "Lets send him to hospital now?" or "No need la... he can wait for the new hospital to be opened in 3 weeks time!"?

Look, over the past 3 days, you, Mr. PM has 2 chances to call his bluff but on both occasions you told him to take a hike... Are you trying to buy 3 more weeks to weed out your hoppers? If you are like us, seriously in wanting to solve the issue and put it to rest as soon as possible you would not have replied in that manner. The fact that your DPM agreed to meet a dropout (nobody) at night at his home, I think the leader of the Opposition who won a landslide at the recent by-election deserved more attention than the dropout... don't you think so? Or are you saying you are less dedicated than the DPM in earnestly wanting to meet and solve your rakyats problems?


Anonymous said...

An act of a sheer coward who is trying to buy time for his butt, don't you agree, Kevin? Hmm... fergie is no where in sight. Bo eng ah?

Malaysian Joe said...

not a coward but a very desperate man trying to hold on to whatever shreds of lifeline he can find.


Either way Badawi is going down man.

Malaysian Joe said...

hi Kell... no doubt AAB is going down.. but who is coming up? From the ranks of Umno? Can you trust them anymore? At least this current batch?